Chris Sage Prayer Letter:  God Is Still Blessing!Thank you very much for your prayers these past two months. It is amazing what the Lord can do even in the mundane tasks of fundraising!

The Lord filled September full with wonderful meetings for our children’s home and our Church-Planting Ministry. He has also provided very nice places to stay all along the way.

Rodrigo Gutierrez and his family were saved in Hopewell Baptist Church of Longmont, Colorado, and spent five years in that church. The Lord called him to preach, and he voluntarily left a comfortable life in the United States to cross the border and go back to Mexico. His family is from Guadalajara originally, and they became a part of our church. Now he has been to Bible college in Mexico and is working with us in our Church-Planting Ministry in Guadalajara. He is a young man with an exceptional attitude, honesty, and character. I am very happy to report that the Lord has made good provisions for him and his family during this trip.

I have still been soul winning every day, and a good number of people have been saved. The Lord has given me good opportunities to preach and teach the Word of God during this trip also.

During this trip, while praying and talking with Pastor Murillo, the Lord seems to have focused our thinking to starting another church in May. Please pray with us for the Lord’s direction and power in this new church plant.

Please pray with us also for pastors for these churches. Pastor Murillo wants me to make a visit to some of the Bible colleges in Mexico in January. Please pray that the Lord will call young men to start churches and lead some to Guadalajara.

Again, thank you very much for your prayers. Please continue to pray for us and for revival in Mexico.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage