Chris Sage Prayer Letter:  Big DaysThank you very much for your support and your prayers. The Lord has been doing some wonderful things the past two months.

Brother Steve Brockman, an evangelist from the United States, came to visit and stayed with me for over a month. We were able to do some special “Big Days” at each of the new church plants. We did Bible Clubs on Friday and Saturday with some special promotions. At the new church in San Agustin, the Lord gave us 180 people saved. At the new church in Angamacutiro, the Lord gave us 110 people saved and many new visitors in church on Sunday. At the new church in Tizapan, the Lord gave us over 300 in attendance at the 2 Bible Clubs and many, many decisions to accept Christ as Saviour.

The Sunday in Tizapan, we also celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the church, and the church moved into the new auditorium. The old auditorium was quite cramped. The new auditorium should seat 125 people and be good for many years to come. There is still much work to do to finish the construction; but special permits for construction are not needed in Mexico, so we got the roof on and had the first service that Sunday. We needed the extra space, as the Lord gave us over 50 in attendance and 12 different family units that would not include anyone from the sending church in Guadalajara. Ten of those family units were younger couples with teenagers or children. Pastor Rodrigo Gutierrez is doing a fine job, and he seems totally committed to getting the church to maturity with a permanent pastor.

Brother Brockman invited me to go with him to a special meeting in another part of Mexico about three hours from Guadalajara. I had the privilege to preach on Sunday morning, and the Lord blessed with 4 decisions to be saved and 20 decisions of dedication!

Please pray for the Lord’s continued guidance, provision, and blessing in my life and ministry. Also, please pray for the vehicle-permit cancellation. It has made transportation here in Mexico very difficult.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage