Chris Sage Prayer Letter: A Successful Attendance ProgramThe past two months have been filled with activity and blessings in our church planting and in the church in Guadalajara.

The church in Tizapan has had a good number of new visitors and people coming regularly to the services. Pastor Rodrigo and family were able to move out of the location where the church property is to another house in Tizapan. It is much nicer for their family. They have also been very busy in building a new and much larger auditorium on the same location where the church is currently meeting. Brother Rodrigo is very skilled in all types of construction work. The new auditorium should seat 125 people. They are still working on the roof, the floor, and the platform; but we are praying that it will be ready by the end of June and that we can celebrate our second anniversary in the new auditorium. He also hopes for a permanent pastor soon and to start other churches in areas where there is great need.

Pastor Murillo asked me to be our bus director in February, and the Lord led us to start two new bus routes and have an eight-week attendance program from April 10 to May 29. The people of our church worked very hard, and the Lord gave us a total of 781 visits to church from people who had not come prior to May 29. Our Bus Ministry is much more than a ministry to children. Many adults and entire families come to church on our buses. It is amazing what the Lord can do!

Our conference also was a blessing to many people. We averaged over 500 for the evening services, and the Lord seemed to really help us with the music.

Thank you very much for the difference you have made here in Guadalajara. Please continue to pray for us.

Yours for souls,

Chris Sage