Chris and Irene Williams Prayer Letter: Our First FurloughA little after the Peruvian COVID quarantine started, I occasionally began having strong pain in my right kidney. Since all doctors’ offices and clinics were closed, I had no choice other than to manage the pain with medication. It was not until February of 2021 that the clinics reopened, and I was able to see a doctor. I found out that I had a large kidney stone and needed laser surgery to remove it. Since we had just planned our trip to Ecuador, the doctor agreed to do the surgery immediately after we returned. The surgery was supposed to be about one hour long, but it took almost three hours due to the size of the stone and the damage it had caused. Thankfully, everything went well, and I have healed with no signs of permanent damage.

Two weeks after the surgery, we traveled to the U.S. for our first furlough. Our first stop was in Hammond so that we could get up to date with FBMI. We happened to be there during the Missions Conference and were able to enjoy the great preaching. We were happy to see the FBMI staff who make our being on the mission field easier.

We then traveled to California to visit with my parents and brother. Both of my parents have had major health problems in the last year and a half. It was great to see them and see that they are doing well. My brother and his family were moving to Sacramento, and we were able to help them move while we were there. While visiting family in California, we attended the same church that we usually visit in East San Jose. The pastor asked me to present our work and to preach to his people, and I was honored to do so. Afterwards, he told us that they were planning to take us on for support!

Next, we went to Texas and spent some time with our good friends in Alvarado, visited a few churches, drove to Michigan for another meeting, and then returned to Texas. The church in Michigan voted to take us on for support as well. Praise the Lord!

The next step of our journey was by bus to Durango, Mexico, to visit with Irene’s family. While there, we heard good news about her sister-in-law’s cancer treatments. Becky’s treatments were effective, and the cancer has gone into remission for now. We had a great visit with family in Durango and Guadalajara and then managed to get a few days to celebrate our wedding anniversary before returning to Peru.

Thank you for faithfully supporting us. Stay tuned for some exciting news in our next letter!

In His service,

Chris and Irene Williams