Chris and Irene Williams Prayer Letter: God Has Kept Us Safe on the RoadWe have been visiting some churches that are new to us and some which we visited years ago. It is great to be making new friends and seeing old friends everywhere we go. The response to our new ministry has been great! We have been given leads on a few possible airplanes and much information regarding printing.

While at a Missions Conference in Arizona, we were able to meet with our Field Service Director, Dr. Dan Siemer. The new ministries that we will be doing in Ecuador will require a change in our support requirement. We were able to work out a new support level that we will need to reach before we go to Ecuador. We already have several new support partners and are currently at 70% of our new required support level. The excellent preaching at the conference was a special treat as well.

While in Arizona, we met Johnathan and Zenen while out soul winning. Both trusted Christ as their Saviour, one while walking on the sidewalk and the other at his apartment door. The church will be following up with each of them. My biggest regret while traveling is that we cannot personally follow up with our converts. I praise God for faithful churches that have the desire to reach and train new people and are following up on our converts for us.

For the holidays, we spent Thanksgiving in Texas with friends. Some of our spare time has been spent fixing church riding lawn mowers, building stairs, attending revival meetings, and soul winning. We were in California for Christmas and were able to spend the holiday with my family in between meetings. It was great to be able to see all of them again.

Please pray for continued safety in our travels. We have traveled over 6,000 miles since the last letter, and so far, God has kept us safe. Also, please continue to pray that God will lead us to the correct airplane for us to use in Ecuador and that our airplane fund will continue to grow.

Thank you for everything you do for us. God bless you!

Chris Williams