Charlie Vest Prayer Letter: Souls Being Saved WeeklyWe’ve been locked down here in Northern Michigan for a longer time than most, but it is wonderful to see things opening up and the weather changing. This is especially welcoming since I’ve been very sick over the past couple of months with stomach and gallbladder issues. Please pray that I can find a way back to a road to good health again.

I was disappointed to have two Missions Conferences canceled that I was really looking forward to preaching at. While not actively trying to raise any more support, we are open to any opportunities that may present themselves and would love to be a blessing where we are needed. We do, however, thank the Lord that we’ve been able to be involved in numerous rice-donation programs and feedings for our dear friends in the Philippines.

Reports from our national pastors tell us of souls being saved weekly in spite of the COVID-19 restraints. I’m told that in the country of Viet Nam, there have been no reported cases, so schools and churches are back to normal. Sadly, though, one Laotian partner has been chased from his village and told his home will be burned if he returns to preach. Please pray that God will protect him and be glorified by those facing persecution.

Be watching for some significant changes to the website in the coming days. Dr. Ed Tutton has written some excellent materials, and we need to get them into the hands of all Bible-believing preachers.

We’ve just learned of a young Filipino pastor who is trying to complete a Christian school for his ministry. It will cost about $300 to finish building, and we would love to help him. Please consider giving toward this project.

Thank you for your partnership with us to the reach the lost in Asia.

The Vest Family