Last month my pastor asked me to make a hospital visit, which he was unable to make at that time. The family of a 90-year-old woman on her deathbed wanted someone to pray for her. When I arrived at her hospital room, five family members met me. I told them that I would be happy to pray for her, but since she was unresponsive, I could not share with her what I would have if she could understand me. I told them I would ask her if she was saved and ready to meet the Lord. I then asked them if they died, did they know for sure that they would go to Heaven. Each one of them said “No,” and I was able to lead them all to Christ. At the funeral a few days later, 15 other family members and friends raised their hands to trust Jesus Christ. Thank God for the opportunity to share Jesus with others!

We are praising the Lord that we were able to be a blessing to Pastor Arnel Boglosa and his church in the Philippines by raising the money to complete his small Christian school building. This project was special to us because his wife Jennifer was a product of our early ministry in Bacolod City. Thank you to those who gave to help train these Filipino children.

During the month of September, I will have the privilege to speak each Sunday of our church’s Missions-Emphasis Month. This will be the third in a row to challenge our church. Every year God has allowed us to support more missionaries, and we are trusting Him that this year will be no different. Please pray for me and the folks of First Baptist Church of Lewiston, Michigan, and these meetings.

Kay, Bri, and I have had a wonderful summer enjoying the beauty of Northern Michigan. Brianna will start homeschooling for her 10th grade year in just a couple of weeks. My health has improved over the past two months, and we are praising the Lord for new opportunities to serve him through A.W.B.M. and Teaching All Nations.

May God bless each of you abundantly during these challenging days as we await His return!

Charlie, Kay, and Brianna Vest