Charlie Vest Prayer Letter:  News From Our Church PlantersSince we last wrote, we have visited churches in Kentucky, Montana, Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Michigan. We are still trying to raise funds to build three churches and the Bible college in Burma. The total need is $30,000. We have also added two more Burmese national pastors and a group of orphans for support.

Here is some exciting news from some of our church planters:

The unbelievers that I preached to the Gospel were 12 people, and 7 people of them believed Christ and were saved. Some church members are sick. The patients that I visited and prayed for were 18 people. The new believers that I had fellowshipped with were 25 people. The believers who fasted and prayed together with me were 19 people. Those who worshiped in the whole month were 489 people. On average, there were about 97 people a week.
June 2014/Pastor Thang Lian Piang, Dalla Baptist Church, Yangon-Myanmar

I was teaching in Sunday school adult class every Sunday 9 to10 a.m., and another every Tuesday we make our Home Visitation, invite people to come on Sunday with Pastor Thaung and go out soul winning on Saturday. I am helping Pastor Thaung in Bible institute and making preparation for Bible school this coming July 1.
May 2014/Lian Sian Mung, Bethany Baptist Church, Yangoon, Myanmar

April 22-25 we had a Soul-Winning Marathon. Praise God we had 37 soul winners that week and we witnessed 2,100 souls saved. May 5-9 we started our DVBS, 219 faithful children attended that week. We held our graduation that Sunday and Praise God 26 Parents attended and 16 of them got saved. May 19-23 we have Music Workshop. We had 56 students that week. June 19, we will started our Bible College classes God gave us 7 new students this year, 5 men and 2 ladies. We will hold our 13th Anniversary September 28 and have a goal of 1,500.
June 2014/Pastor Felix Penaflorida, Gospel Baptist Church, Bacolod City, Philippines

Since January 2013, I have started giving Bible study at my house. Within 16 months all in all attendance was 165 young people. As I teach and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ every week thirty of them have put their faith in Jesus Christ. Last March 2014, 11 young newly believers followed the Lord in water baptism.
May 2014/Pastor Joel Myint Aung , Okkan City, Myanmar

We are working on plans for a five-to-six-week visit to the Philippines in December and January. Kay and Brianna will be going with me after being away for 2½ years. We will be visiting many churches and pastors whom we have helped through the years and introducing the new TEACHING ALL NATIONS curriculum, which FBMI has developed. This will allow many churches to have their own Bible college or institute. This trip will be expensive, and we’ll need some help with airfare ($4,500) and literature ($1,000). Please pray that God will meet this great need. Please continue to pray for Asian World Baptist Ministries.

The Vests