Charlie Vest Prayer Letter:  Moving Is Exhausting, Expensive, and Exciting!We spent much of January and February preparing to move from the Philippines back to the U.S. All of our household items and our vehicle were sold, and some books, clothing, and keepsake items were packed and shipped. Plane tickets were purchased, all while trying to negotiate the purchase of a house 8,000 miles away. When we arrived on March 12, we were plum tuckered out, as the saying goes!

The Lord has allowed us to purchase a home in Gaylord, Michigan, and we have, for the fourth time in our marriage and ministry, had to completely refurnish our home. You can’t even imagine how expensive that has been through the years! Now our shipment has arrived, and everything has been unpacked. Kay and Brianna are once again making our house into a beautiful home.

We are missing the many preaching opportunities, along with teaching in the Bible college, but are very excited about some opportunities presenting themselves through A.W.B.M. The Teaching All Nations program has plans to expand, and we are excited to have a part in and work with Dr. Ed Tutton in starting even more Bible colleges throughout Asia and the world.

You may recall that late last summer, we were able to partner with a Filipino missionary pastor on the island of Mindoro in reaching a remote tribal group. God has opened so many doors to be able to help this pastor minister to the Mangyans ( He needs to build two native church buildings (15 feet by 24 feet) to accommodate the churches of a pastor and his son. The total cost will be $3,000.

With our move, our ministry funds are completely depleted. I have not asked for money for any projects in some time, but I am praying earnestly that God will touch the heart of some churches to be able to meet this need. If you feel led to help, please contact me right away so I can tell the missionary to start building. Attached are photos of the present church meeting place of Pastor Obet Samuel, along with his family. His father has no building.

Please be in prayer about some upcoming doctor appointments for both Kay and me as we try to correct some health issues. Also continue to pray for us (especially Brianna) as we adjust to this move and living and ministering again in America. Thank you for letting us represent you to Asia and the world.

The Vests