Charlie Vest Prayer Letter:  A Ministry of Helps and SupportFriends have asked us recently how we are doing. Health wise we are doing fine by trying to stick to a healthy diet and exercising consistently. Brianna is doing great; she finishes her school year in a couple of weeks and is excited about Vacation Bible School, Junior Camp, and her summer break. Kay has had a few health issues and struggles with keeping up her energy just taking care of Bri and me. The past months have taken a toll on her, as she watches her only brother Bud valiantly fight his brain cancer. She feels so helpless as his inevitable Homegoing approaches. Please do keep her family in your prayers.

Since our return in 2015, our ministry here in General Santos City is primarily one of helps and support. I am doing all I can to help the A.W.B.M. pastors we support with materials, training, and finances and have developed a couple of business relationships to help raise some additional funds for projects coming up. We’d like to help more men here in the Philippines build Sunday school classroom buildings (20 is our goal). I’d also like to travel to other islands to hold missions conferences and pastors’ conferences for men who want our help. Pray that God will give me the strength and the opportunities to help more young preachers.

This coming June, the Mt. Calvary Baptist College will be fully operational, and I’ll be teaching weekly as we try to train the coming generation. In the next couple of months, I ask for your prayers as I develop classes on leadership and missions, along with continuing to promote Teaching All Nations to those churches that want to train their own men. At the end of May, Kay and I will travel to Thailand for a few days to preach for a Filipino missionary.

Since the beginning of the year, we have had many preaching and training opportunities, including ministering to the Philippines National Police and even some employees of Manny Pacquiao. We love what we are doing and can’t imagine being anywhere other than here representing you to the wonderful people of the Philippines.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.

The Vests