Charlie Vest Prayer Letter: What a Joy It Is to Serve the Lord!Thirty-seven years ago this month, I was ordained into the Gospel ministry at the Cleveland Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. What a joy it has been to serve Him these many years. Please pray that the Lord will give me a few more quality years to labor with and train Asian national pastors.

These past months, I have been able to help in trying to get a broader presence for Teaching All Nations. These are excellent materials available for training missionaries and national pastors, and they are FREE for the asking! Please take the time to check out the updated website for TAN and TOP at Make sure you also go to the Facebook page for Teaching All Nations and give us a “like” and a “share.”

A recent letter from one of our long-supported national pastors in Burma tells of their great need for property to house all their members together. He writes:


All the congregation at 3 places in the whole month were 399 people. In every Sunday, they are scattered at the rental places and congregate at those narrow places. Day and night, we pray to see the land that will be 60 feet long and 40 feet wide so that hundreds of people can congregate only at the place.

Please pray with me about raising funds for extra support for this national pastor and to help his church secure an adequate property.
I am now nearing the end of my neuropathy treatments and have gained a little feeling in some of my toes. Please pray that the feeling will improve and the constant pain will subside.

Kay and Bri were able to visit Kay’s mom and sisters in Oklahoma in July. We were also all able to spend some time with others of the Doug Sisson family before they returned to the Philippines following their short furlough. It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over now and snow will be coming soon. UGH!!

Thanks for your prayers and support and for allowing us to represent you to the Asian people.

The Vest Family