Charles Osgood Prayer Letter: Winning SoulsThank you for your prayers and support!

School Preaching

In February and March, I was able to preach for 4 weeks to a group of about 50 junior high students. At the beginning of my teaching, almost every student affirmed that they believed salvation came through living a righteous life. I praise God that by the end of my preaching, several of the students chose to place their faith in Christ alone for their salvation. Many of the young people here know about Jesus Christ but have been indoctrinated with a works-based salvation. Please pray that we will be able to continue to win souls to Christ through our school ministry.

Soul Winning

Fred Asante, one of our newer church members, brought his friend Raphael to our Sunday school class several weeks ago. I was able to visit Raphael at his home and lead him to Christ on February 7. He was so open to the Gospel, and he is interested in joining our church. Please pray for Raphael to grow.

One of our church members in Barekuma asked me to visit his family; they live in a village called Kumi, which is a few kilometers from our church in Barekuma. Kumi is a small village of about 700 people. We were able to visit his family and also do some soul winning. I was able to preach the Gospel to a man named Phinehas. He was an elder at the Pentecostal church, but he was confused about how to go to Heaven. I was able to lead Phinehas to Christ. He showed such a desire to know what the Bible teaches. We have since been able to lead Phinehas’ wife and two of his children to Christ. I believe that Phinehas could help us reach his village with the true Gospel message. He is well respected in his community and is able to read in both English and Twi. I plan to go through our church’s discipleship lessons with Phinehas to help him be established in the faith. Please pray for Phinehas to grow in the Lord and also to join a church that preaches the true Gospel.

A young man named Christian, who attends a nearby university, was led to Christ a few months ago by Pastor Speer. Since then, he has faithfully attended my Sunday school class. He brought his friend Benjamin to church during our Visitor-Emphasis Month. On March 15 after church, I was able to share the Gospel with Benjamin, and he happily placed his faith in Christ for salvation. Both of these young men have since traveled back to their families due to closure of all the schools here in Ghana because of COVID-19. Please pray for these new converts to be established in the faith and to be disciples of Christ.

Current Situation

On March 16, the president of Ghana called for all schools to close and for churches not to meet together to try to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. This started as a four-week restriction. Then on March 30, he declared a lockdown of our city for two weeks (this has since been extended another week). We are not certain at this time how long the lockdown and restrictions will last. Pastor Speer is able to preach each Sunday morning on the radio here. He is also teaching on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights with Facebook Live. Please pray that God will give us wisdom to help those He wants us to help and to lead souls to Him. Pray also that our members will draw close to God during this trying time.

God bless,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood