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Soul Winning and Discipleship

A few months ago, a young man named Anthony came to us from Liberia because he wanted to get training to serve the Lord. He came from a non-denominational church. I was able to lead him to Christ, and he has been working through our discipleship material. He is planning to get baptized this coming Sunday!

Ajubi and her children started attending our church in Barekuma on Easter Sunday. We were able to follow up with them and lead three of them to Christ. Ajubi and her daughter Akua followed the Lord in baptism on June 27! Please pray for Ajubi’s husband to get saved and also come to church.

On July 31, I was soul winning in the village of Kumi, and I met two teenage boys, Daniel and Karim. Karim comes from a Muslim background. He told me that he didn’t believe the Bible. I told him he was welcome to listen as I shared the Gospel with Daniel. Karim showed great interest in what I was teaching Daniel. He even began answering some of my questions. At the end of presenting the Gospel, I invited Daniel to trust in Christ. Karim told me that he believed the message and also wanted to trust in Jesus for his salvation! Praise the Lord for the power of the Gospel!

In June and July, I was able to win 10 students to Christ at Winneba University. Please pray that God will give us wisdom to know how best to disciple the students we have led to Christ.

Lindsey’s Health

Thank you to all who prayed for Lindsey’s dental surgery. We went back to the States for a few weeks in June so that she could have the surgery done by a specialist in Texas. The surgery went very well. Lindsey has been doing well physically and has been able to resume her normal duties and activities. Please continue to pray for her to have strength of body.

Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference

We are preparing to host our 14th Annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference, August 10-13. Our theme this year is “Building Stronger Marriages.” We are excited to have Pastor Wilkerson, the pastor of our sending church, as our keynote speaker! We will be having three separate conferences during the day and afternoon sessions, one for those who are married, one for the single adults, and one for the youth. I will be leading the conference for the single adults. We are praying that God will use our teaching to help them to date and marry according to Bible principles. Please pray that God will bless our conference, that marriages will be helped, that our single adults would commit to date and marry in a way that pleases God, and that many young people would surrender their lives to God.

In Christ,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood

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Daniel and Karim and I