Charles Osgood Prayer Letter: Training Pastors and Winning SoulsThank you for your prayers and support!

Fundamental Baptist Church of Barekuma

On December 12, one of our church members, Thomas Opoku, graduated from Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa. Bro. Thomas is 77 years old but is a faithful servant for the Lord! He teaches Sunday school in Barekuma each week and also takes care of our church finances.
Our church in Barekuma recently took a step to provide some monthly financial support to Pastor Thomas Moah, who preaches in the church each Sunday and helps to lead the church. I was so happy to see the enthusiasm and support of our members in this decision.

Pastors’ Training Week

The second week of January, we were able to conduct a week of training for the pastors of many of our daughter churches. We had training in the areas of soul winning and church finances. It was a blessing to take part in the training week and make an investment in these men. We had a great spirit and good fellowship throughout the week. Many of the pastors testified that they were greatly helped by the training.


On January 7 while I was out soul winning with one of our pastors (during our week of training), I met a young lady named Beatrice. When we approached her, we saw that she was reading her Bible. Her belief was that she could get to Heaven by living a righteous life. I was able to show her the true way to Heaven, and she happily placed her faith in Christ for salvation! She showed up early for Sunday school on Sunday, completed our church’s salvation booklet, and has started working through our discipleship curriculum. Please pray for her to grow in the Lord.

In January, Pascal, a French teacher at a nearby school, came to visit my Sunday school class. I paid him a visit and was able to lead him to Christ! He now wants to be a member of our church! Please pray for him to grow.

A few months ago while out soul winning, Lindsey was able to lead a lady named Faustina to Christ. She has been coming to our church for several weeks now, and on January 27, she followed the Lord in baptism! Lindsey is going through our discipleship lessons with her. She is also in need of a place to stay. Please pray for Faustina to get a place to stay near our church and also for her to grow.

The harvest is so plenteous here! Thank you for partnering with us to help reach West Africa for Christ!

God bless,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood