Charles Osgood Prayer Letter:  Souls Saved and Converts BaptizedThank you for your prayers and support!

Fundamental Baptist Church of Barekuma

We praise the Lord for growth at Fundamental Baptist Church of Barekuma. Five converts followed the Lord in baptism in October. Some of our men have been working to clear the land we recently purchased. It is encouraging to see them giving of themselves to help the church. We are going to have a harvest offering in our church on December 14 to raise funds for the start of our Building Program. Please pray for all of us members to be willing to give and sacrifice as the Lord would have us to.

Sunday School Class and New Converts

In August my wife and I started a new singles’ adult Sunday school class called the “Difference Makers.” In September our church had a Visitor-Emphasis Month. We praise the Lord that 14 visitors came to our class. Most of the visitors are new converts. Please pray that God will help these young Christians to be established in the faith and for them to become faithful church members and disciples of Christ.

One day before our visitor month, I was driving from my house to work after lunch. I passed by two young men and waved to them. SomethingOsgood1 inside me said I should stop and talk to them. However, I reasoned that I needed to get back to the office. After driving further I could not stop thinking that God wanted me to talk to those men. I turned the car around and drove to meet them. I started talking with these men, Alfred and Collins, and they invited me to their house. Their friend Eric was there, and we all sat on their front porch. I preached the Gospel to them. All three of them were eager to hear the truth, and they put their faith in Christ for salvation! On Saturday I visited them, and we had a Bible study to confirm what I had taught them earlier in the week. All of them came to our Sunday school class the following day. Please pray for these three young men to grow in their Christian lives.

Language Studies

I am currently taking classes to learn the Twi language. This is the local language of those who live in the area of Ghana where we serve. Many people who live in the city can speak English pretty well. However, the great majority of those who live in Barekuma, the village where I pastor, are unable to understand English. I believe if I could communicate in Twi, it would help me to be able to minister better both in Kumasi and Barekuma. Please pray for me to have understanding to learn the language well and quickly.

In Christ,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood