Charles Osgood Prayer Letter: Soul-Winning OpportunitiesThank you for your prayers and support!

Soul-Winning Opportunities

During the last few months of Coronavirus restrictions, my wife and I decided to focus our soul-winning efforts on reaching those who live in our neighborhood. It has been such a blessing to connect with more of our neighbors and to be able to lead many of them to Christ! Below are some of the people Lindsey has been able to lead to Christ. Please pray for them to grow.

In April, I was able to lead Thelma and her 14-year-old son Simon to Christ. Their family had moved into our neighborhood just a few months prior. Thelma’s husband Emmanuel gave a clear testimony that he was already saved. Both Thelma and Simon have completed our salvation booklet and the first discipleship lesson. It was such a blessing to do a Bible study with them this past Saturday, as we worked through our church’s second discipleship lesson together. Please pray for them to grow.

Near to our house, there is a lady named Felicia who runs a small provisions store. In May, I was able to witness to her two teenage children, Joseph and Patience. Both of them trusted Christ and are also working on our discipleship lessons. It was a blessing to have Patience recite two memory verses to me this past Saturday. Please pray for these two teens to grow. Also, please pray that we will get an opportunity to preach the Gospel to Felicia and that she will get saved.

A few weeks ago, we heard loud weeping and wailing coming from the house directly behind our house. I went to the house and found out that our neighbor, a mother of 51 years, had passed away. She left three children behind: Achiaa (about 30 years), Emmanuel (17 years), and Yaa (13 years). Last Saturday, I was able to lead Emmanuel to Christ. Achiaa has told me that she is willing for me to preach to her and to her younger sister. Please pray for their salvation. Also, please pray for comfort and provision for them during this difficult time.

Current Situation

On May 31, the president of Ghana announced that churches can start assembling again! Praise the Lord for answered prayer! The government is, however, putting several restrictions on our church gatherings. We can only have up to 100 people in each service, and each service can only last for one hour. They have also given us protocols to follow for other safety measures.

It was such a blessing to be back in church on Sunday! Please pray that God gives us wisdom to know how to best help all of our church members during this time as we deal with restrictions due to the Coronavirus.

God bless,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood