Charles Osgood Prayer Letter: Discipling ConvertsThank you for your prayers and support!

Soul Winning

In April of this year, I met a man named Prince Yeboah and preached the Gospel to him. He attended a Catholic church, but he said he would come and visit my Sunday school class. He came to class and has been coming to our church off and on for a few months now. This past Sunday, he came up to me after church and said he wanted to follow the Lord in baptism and become a member of our church. Praise the Lord!

On June 22, while I was soul winning in Barekuma, I met a man named Samuel Gyamfi. Samuel attended a Methodist church, but he was confused about how to get to Heaven. I was able to show him what God’s Word tells us we must do to get to Heaven. He readily chose to believe on Christ to save him! Samuel has been coming to our church in Barekuma for a few weeks now. He has completed our salvation booklet and two discipleship lessons so far. Please pray for him to continue to grow in the Lord.

On July 14, my class member Aaron brought his friend Bernard to church. After church I was able to lead Bernard to Christ! He was so happy and excited about the truth he heard. The next Sunday he brought his friend George to church. After church I was able to lead George to Christ! That day both Bernard and George chose to follow the Lord in baptism! Both of these young men have started working through our discipleship lessons. George brought his cousin to church on July 28, and he also followed the Lord in baptism. Bernard has signed up to serve at our upcoming Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference. Please pray that these two men would be faithful and grow in their faith.

On July 27, I received a call from one of my class members asking me to come witness to his friend. I visited his friend Freda and was able to present the Gospel to her. She gladly trusted in Christ to save her. She came to church the next day and told me that she was so impressed with the teaching, preaching, and the music. She completed our salvation booklet and is starting our discipleship curriculum. She is a nurse and had to work last Sunday, but she told me that she has decided to start coming to our church. Please pray for her to be established in the faith and to continue to follow Christ.

Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference

We will be hosting our 13th Annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference August 13-16. Our theme is “The Great Commission.” We are going to have teaching centered on soul winning and discipleship. Pastor Wilkerson, the pastor of our sending church, will be coming to teach and preach. Pastor Speer will be teaching extensively on soul winning. We will also have soul-winning teaching in Twi (the local language spoken here). Please pray that God will use this conference to help those who attend to be motivated and equipped to lead souls to Christ and make disciples of Christ.

Expanding Influence

I have received an invitation to preach at a Youth Conference in Freetown, Sierra Leone, August 28-30. There will be over 20 churches represented at the conference. I will be teaching on salvation and also on sexual purity. I plan to give out a copy of my book God’s Call to Sexual Purity to all who attend the conference. I believe this is a great opportunity to impact many young people and many churches for Christ. Please pray that the Lord will use me to help the youth who are not saved to get saved and to motivate the youth to live lives that are pleasing to Him.

God bless,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood