Charles Osgood Prayer Letter:  December BlessingsHappy New Year!

Harvest Offering

Our main church in Kumasi took up our annual harvest offering in December. Our goal was to raise enough money to build a starter structure for our daughter church in Sunyani, which is pastored by Bro. Rexford Aning. Our goal was to raise over GH20,000 cedis (about US$6,250). Praise the Lord that we were able to raise over GH21,000 cedis!

Fundamental Baptist Church of Barekuma

In December we also had a harvest offering at our church in Barekuma. We were able to raise the equivalent of about US$375 to go toward our Building Program. I was happy to see many of our members get involved and give sacrificially. Please pray that God will provide for us to be able to build a church building on the land we were able to purchase in 2014.

We are having a week of prayer and fasting in Barekuma the last week of January. Please pray that God will use this week to strengthen our faith and that, because of it, more souls will come to know Christ as their Saviour.

Osgood1Singles’ Department and SS Class

We had a great Christmas activity with our Singles’ Department (group picture on left). It has been a blessing getting to know many of them better and to begin making a difference in their lives.
In November I was able to win Bernard Sarfo to Christ. Bernard had attended our church as a teenager before he left for boarding school four years ago.

Shortly thereafter, he began taking me to his friends so I could witness to them. One of his friends I was able to win to Christ was named Gideon. Since winning Gideon to Christ, I have been able to win his mom Cynthia and his brother Richmond to Christ also. All of them have followed the Lord in baptism. They are excited to be a part of our church.


Gideon, Bernard, and I

Bernard is now my Sunday school class secretary, and he also goes soul winning with me on Saturday afternoons in Barekuma. Recently he told me that he had witnessed to his brother and led him to Christ! Please pray for Bernard, Gideon, and Gideon’s family to continue to grow in their Christian lives.

In Christ,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood