Charles Osgood Prayer Letter: Blessings on FurloughThank you for your prayers and support!

Meetings on Furlough

We have been having a wonderful time on furlough here in the States! We were able to be in two Missions Conferences in October.

We were at Sheridan Road Baptist Church in Saginaw, Michigan, with Pastor Lou Jurva the first week in October. They were such a blessing to us and treated us so well. We are thankful for the many new friendships we made there. I was able to preach, and I thank the Lord for the good response and the decisions that were made.

The third week in October, we were at Gospel Light Baptist Church in Marion, Iowa, with Pastor Tim McCurdy. What a blessing it was to be a part of their conference! We made new friends and enjoyed the activities they had planned for us, especially going to the shooting range! We are very thankful for their decision to partner with us to help reach Ghana for Christ!

In addition to the conferences, we have been able to have meetings at churches in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, and Connecticut. What a blessing it was to be with brothers and sisters in Christ who share the same vision and passion we do to reach the world with the Gospel!

The day after Thanksgiving, I flew up from Florida to be with Pastor Richard LeJeune and the White Oak Baptist Church in Stratford, Connecticut. On Saturday while out soul winning, I was able to give the Gospel to a young lady named Ashley. She listened intently as I gave her a clear presentation of the Gospel. She agreed with the truth I gave her, but she said she wasn’t ready to put her faith in Jesus alone for her salvation. Please pray for Ashley to be saved.

Trip to Ghana

November 7-21, I took a trip to Ghana to be a part of FBMI’s Missions Mastermind, which was organized by Dr. Bosje and hosted in Kumasi at our church. All of the FBMI team leaders came, as well as a few other missionaries. It was a great time of encouragement, challenging us to do more to fulfill the Great Commission.

It was a great blessing to have my mom and her friend, Soline Brown, come and visit Ghana during this time. It was my mom’s first time to come to Ghana, and she said it was the trip of a lifetime for her. She and Soline brought gifts to give to hundreds of kids at our church. They also served in so many ways while they were here. They took the Sarvers (Maria Sarver is my oldest sister) and I to Kentucky Fried Chicken while they were here. (The picture on the right is us at KFC.)

My family will be traveling back to Ghana on December 18. Please pray for us to have safety in our travels. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

God bless,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood