Charles Osgood Prayer Letter:  8th Annual Pastors' and Workers' ConferenceThank you for partnering with us!

Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference

August 12-15 we hosted the 8th Annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference. What a great week it was! Our theme was “Marriage—Making it Work!” Dr. and Mrs. Bob Hooker came and did the majority of the teaching. We were truly blessed to have them here. A truly great blessing was to see many of the men we have trained and sent out attend the conference with their wives and people they have reached. Over 300 people registered for the conference. We had delegates from Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia.

Also, we hosted a Youth Conference in conjunction with our Pastors’ Conference. Our theme was “Meet the Challenge!” We had sessions for the youth focused on helping young people prepare for marriage. It was truly a phenomenal week—to God be the glory! Please pray for our youth to seek the Lord and to serve Him. Also, please pray for me to have wisdom to lead them to bring God glory with their lives.


In July I was able to win Akwasi, one of my neighbors, to Christ. (He is pictured with me on the right.) He holds the position of chief in a nearby community. This is a very desired position for most people. He is struggling right now, because as a chief there are certain duties he must perform that go against his Christian faith. He is working now to resign his chieftaincy, which will likely bring him great persecution from his family. Please pray for him to have the courage and strength to take this important stand for Christ.

Barekuma Land Update

Thank you to all who gave to help our church in Barekuma purchase land. We were able to complete the purchase this month! Our church is looking forward to the day we begin meeting on our own property. Please continue to pray for the growth of Fundamental Baptist Church of Barekuma.

In Christ,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood