Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  "We Will Rejoice In Thy Salvation . . . ."As your school year comes to a close and the flowers bloom again, we hope and pray that the Lord is taking great care of you and your churches. Every week here is a journey that can be challenging, but always rewarding. We just “keep on” for Jesus and ask Him to take care of the rest.

Both our daughter Autumn and our son Forest were baptized. This was a banner day for our family and an answer to prayer that all of us have now been joyously saved and also baptized. Autumn was saved in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on March 27, 2016, but had a severe fear of water. Forest was saved in Allen, Michigan, on February 3, 2018. Both were baptized on April 14, 2019.

Star and I went fishing for men . . . on fishing boats. Star has a friend who works on a fishing boat in a nearby city. We went to the boats one evening and found several Karen and Burmese men on board. Off the deck of one boat, Star translated the Gospel for me, and many on the boat next door listened and were saved. It felt like street preaching . . . on boats. These men were so thankful that they bought us bags of refreshments and snacks to share with our church members. Please pray for these fishermen, as they work in the dangerous Gulf of Thailand each day.

Our Youth Department is continuing in our series of youth activities. Dton recently was baptized, and our most recent activities included indoor games, outdoor games, practical teaching on different needed areas, and always a prayerfully procured message from the Bible to encourage growth in the Lord. Our teenagers bring a great spirit, and the desire to do good greatly outweighs any other desires. Thank you for praying for the teenagers.

This last week brought two different funerals. The first was for Pontip, who knew and lived for the Lord many years of her life. The next was for Arrow, a young man, age 25. Just two weeks prior to his death, Bro. Randy Shook and Bro. Star met and led Arrow and others to the Lord during a Sunday night service. Arrow faithfully attended the next three church services before he suddenly went to Heaven, leaving behind his wife Roatee and their children. Multiple people from our church volunteered to help Arrow’s family with the funeral expenses and other needs. Arrow’s funeral was attended by a number of unchurched young people. The Gospel was given, and many of these prayed and accepted Jesus as their Saviour. This same week, 19 others were saved while out soul winning. We praise the Lord for His power and grace. Please pray for Roatee and her children and for Pontip’s family.

Thank you so much for taking an interest in missions and participating in the Great Commission. We are super thankful for your prayers and encouragements, along with the many birthday cards, gifts, and wishes. Have a fantastic summer!

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman