Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  The Truth of Jesus RelayedMerry Christmas from our family to yours! We have some decorations up in the house, and the kids are looking forward to good family time and time to praise the Lord. It is in the 90s though. Coconuts roasting in an open sun . . . big mosquitos nipping at your nose . . . and on and on. Thank you for your generosities, notes, prayers, and support. Support has been at 98% since arriving back in April of this year. We thank our Thailand Team, our churches, and our church members for each encouragement to help us serve here.

We are very happy to report about recent souls won to the Lord. Sarah and I went out together one afternoon and met Bo, along with three of his friends. The situation looked like they were gearing up for a long night of doing the wrong things. Although Bo was very young, his friends looked very old from their abusive lifestyle. The friends immediately tried to pull Bo away from listening; but, praise the Lord, Bo pushed them off and told them he wanted to hear what we had to say. After a thorough presentation of the Gospel, Bo was saved. Thailand may have lower income levels, but the opportunity to go the wrong direction is the same as in America. It is wonderful, as always, to see the Lord use soul winning to peel back the onion of life and expose the reality of Hell and the reality of Heaven. God is the authority, our final authority, and Christmastime is a great season to reflect on His greatness.

Our team fostered relationships with seven different schools this year to present the story of our Saviour, Jesus, Lord of all. At each school (six public and one private), our church and team had at least 20 ministry workers to offer a comprehensive program, which, from beginning to end, painted the full picture of the Gospel and highlighted Jesus in multiple ways. Games, an English lesson on key words from the story of Jesus, a re-enactment of the story of Jesus, God-honoring music, and the Gospel, with an opportunity to trust, believe, and receive salvation through Jesus, the ultimate Christmas present. Each student this year received a thick piece of six-foot tinsel or garland to celebrate Jesus’ birth and, hopefully, the day of their salvation. Bibles were given to all teachers and administrators. The books of John & Romans were given to every student.

Personal testimonies were given to Sarah and me. One of the children joyfully thanked us for telling her school about Jesus and how to be saved. She was one of a small group of students who were already Christians. With the schools often being within view of a Buddhist temple or even on the same property, the opportunity of the Great Commission is overwhelming. One of the school administrators had tears in her eyes after viewing the re-enactment of the story of Jesus. She was just moved that Jesus would die for her sins. She told us that many of the students there had tears in their eyes and thanked us for sharing with her school the good news of salvation. At another school, the school accountant was working, but fully attentive to our program. She looked over at my wife and told her what a wonderful message it was to hear. She also prayed and trusted Christ as her Saviour. Thank you for sending missionaries to Thailand and other parts of the world!

For prayer requests, we ask that you would pray for the students and teachers reached this year. Pray for their ability to come to church and for us to be able to return to the schools and teach more. Also, please pray for our land and building initiative here in Thailand—$185,000 is the goal; $90,000 has been given, of which a large portion was from our church members. May God bless your Christmas and 2019!

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman and Family