Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  The Need for More to Hear the TruthWe are so glad to be serving here in Thailand! As we approach our 11th year of missions service, we thank you for all of your prayers and encouragements along the way. Our Thailand Team is one of great teamwork and effort towards the work of the Lord! Your help and prayers make a huge difference. Our family is well. Sickness comes and goes, but overall, we are much healthier for longer stretches than 4 years ago or even 10 years ago. The kids are on track with schooling. Our ministries are strong, with an ever present need to ask the Lord for more and to work hard to see those prayers answered.

On a Thursday afternoon, our team went soul winning in an area just north of the church. We found a dad who faithfully sent his girls to our English language school back in 2017. He, his family, and his mom (Kun Yai) lived in a little house, along with a coffee hut near the road, selling coffee, tea, and other light-duty items. He also had several betta fish for sale (not for eating, of course, but just to take home as a pet). Brother Tan, one of our faithful men, sat down with the dad and clearly gave him the Gospel, ending up with the dad being saved. Meanwhile, Sarah was talking to the grandma, Kun Yai. She was nearly deaf but could read lips and communicate to some degree. She had religious information in front of her from a false religious sect. Khun Yai didn’t understand it or believe the false-sect information, but it was all that she had. Sarah went through the Gospel with her, and she was very excited. Khun Yai said that the Gospel sounded like the truth and waved a dismissive hand toward the other material. We gave Khun Yai a book of John and Romans in Thai. She understood that this was the Word of God and contained nothing but truth. Khun Yai was very excited when we told her we could follow up with a full Thai Bible. She communicated that she would have the John and Romans read before morning, as she had nothing but time on her hands. We pray that Khun Yai will be able to make it to church soon, along with her son. As an extra memory of the visit, we took home a betta fish for the kids for $1.

On a Saturday, Jack and I visited one of our faithful families. It happened to be the weekend when Kun Ying was visiting her mom. Kun Ying lives a couple of hours away, and her husband serves as a soldier in the Thai military. After visiting awhile, we wanted to be sure Kun Ying had heard the Gospel like the rest of her family. She, with interest, told us she had not. For the next 20 minutes, Kun Ying listened, understood, and chose to put her faith and trust in Jesus alone. After emphasizing eternal security, the question was asked, “Have you ever seen churches in or around where you live in the province of Ratchaburi?” She said with amazement, “I don’t recall ever seeing a Christian church at any time.” Surely, I would like to hope that there is a Gospel-preaching church there, but I would suspect the number of them is extremely low. As we work to be a pattern church and disciples who help others to be disciples, we ask for your prayers in allowing more servants of God to be reached and called to start churches in the southern arm of Thailand. As you move south of us, the country of Thailand becomes more Muslim, especially in the 10 provinces just north of Malaysia. A lot of population centers spring up along the main highway that spans through the north/south highway. The people have big hearts and a unique dialect (they abbreviate a lot of words), and they like their food spicy. In the end, they need to be reached with the Gospel. Please pray to this end. Thank you again!

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman