Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  The Lord Is Blessing HereThank you for praying for us, our team, and our churches. As a missionary to Thailand, as I’m sure with many other countries, opposition can seem strong at times; however, having the Lord on our side can create a very positive, optimal picture. Throughout the month, the combination of these two can create a roller coaster ride, but you just learn to live with it and stay close to the Lord by doing His work and reading His Word. All this to say, your prayers are a difference-maker out here in Southeast Asia.

Each week, Jack, one of our teenage boys, faithfully goes visiting with me. We visit our teens and also many of our church members. All along the way, Jack enjoys asking questions and learning English, and I enjoy teaching Jack, along with learning Thai. Jack has one year left of high school and is trying to decide, with the Lord’s guidance, what his next steps are after high school. Recently on one of our visits, Jack noticed a group of people we did not know living near one of our church families. We approached them, and together we were able to give the Gospel to Naa. She listened intently and truly wanted to know what the truth of the Bible said and how it related to her. She decided to repent, putting her faith and trust in Jesus alone to save her. Jack and I were excited to see this jovial lady understand and accept the truth of God. I was thankful for Jack’s soul-sensitivity. Please pray for Jack, a light for the Lord in a country where more lights are needed.

Our team leader, Bro. Tim Shook, is always looking for ways to enable our team and staff to do much for the Lord. Recently, the decision was made to expand our auditorium and give our church more capacity through the agreement of two different building owners (wall removed). We thank the Lord for making this happen, adding comfort, capacity, and functionality to our main auditorium.

Last month our church sent Star to Burma to aid communities with food, medicine, and the Gospel. This month, about an hour away, we visited an orphanage where Bibles were given to all 50-plus children in their language. These Bibles were provided by BEST and BEAMS ministries. Along with the Bibles were a clear presentation of the Gospel and teaching about eternal security (nearly all have accepted Jesus as their Saviour). We are always listening and looking for ways to help this orphanage and the children there.

Another drive of our church each year is the Bible English Camp. For three years running, Ms. Shari House has worked very hard on the preparation and organization of this event. Our whole team is involved in the three-day camp, where English, Thai, the Bible, and the Gospel are taught. Each year, new children learn of the Lord, grow, and are encouraged. While out soul winning two weeks before the camp, Sarah looked down the street and saw a teenage boy reading a Gospel tract. She walked up to the boy and asked him if he understood what he was reading. He answered “No” and asked what it meant. Sarah explained the Gospel, and Chanon readily trusted Christ as his Saviour. Chanon also came to our Bible English Camp with a great spirit and joyous attitude. Please pray for Chanon and his growth in the Lord. Overall, we saw many make the decision to be saved through the preaching of Bro. Saint Jomhong. Please pray also for grace and strength for these people.

Pi Surit has attended our church for over three years now. She is the leader of her immediate and extended family, and the Lord has used her to lead many of her family members to the Lord. One of those was her son, who unfortunately just passed away in his 30s. Many from our church came to the funeral as soon as it started and were an encouragement to Pi Surit. Through the event, her brother was led to the Lord and came to church for the first time. Two of our teenagers are from Pi Surit’s family and are faithful to learn and be involved in the teen department.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman and Family