Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  Suffer Little Children to Come Unto MeSUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME

T hank you for praying for our family, our team, and our churches here in Thailand. The ministry here in Thailand is always one of pushing forward for the Lord. Different areas of pushing forward include soul winning, truck or bus routes, Sunday school classes, learning the Thai language, assisting with our English language school, visitation, music specials, discipleship, and my personal walk with the Lord, to name a few. My wife Sarah helps me in all of these areas, either directly or indirectly. We also make it a point to include our children in these many facets of the ministry.

It is fun to lead the people of Thailand to learn and trust in Jesus. Every week, through the use of a translator, we are able to see the light bulb come on in people’s hearts and be encouraged or often overwhelmed by God’s love and greatness. My Thai language skills are growing, as I’ve been enrolled in four to six hours of Thai language school every week since mid-July. My wife has translated for me, as her Thai language skills have developed rapidly since arriving in Thailand in July of 2008; she is my favorite Thai teacher. Sarah and I thank the Lord and thank you for your prayers in these developments. She led her first soul to Christ in the Thai language over five years ago in September of 2009. Since that time she has seen many adults, teenagers, and children learn of our Lord and attend the services.

Over one year ago, Sarah was asked to be in charge of our church nurseries. The Lord used Sarah to be a bridge to our Thai and Karen moms by allowing the moms to stay in the nursery with the babies and children to help them find their comfort zone. Sarah used this time to get to know the moms and build relationships. She promotes this method with all of the ladies who serve in the nursery, making sure that every mom has fair opportunities to attend Sunday school and attend the main service. Happy moms and children contribute towards a warm-spirited church. For the last year, the nursery has averaged 25 each week, with a high day of 39, and uses three small rooms within our building. Please pray for more space to allow our future godly servants, the little children, to be served well in the nurseries.

On October 26, Sarah started teaching the Sunday school lesson to moms who either work in the nursery or stay in the nursery with their infants during the Sunday school hour. Sarah gives the lesson in Thai, and Khun Daa translates the lesson in Karen to the Karen moms. Please pray for their continued success with the class. Our pastor wants everyone to have every opportunity to be taught the Bible, and this is just one more way that God is growing our church.

Thank you again for your prayers and support, both for our family and the Thailand Team. Please let us know if we can join you in prayer for needs within your family or churches.

Grateful to serve,

Chad Inman and Family