Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Special Day: Service One - 120 and Service Two - 110International Baptist Church Nong Phlap saw its highest attendances on a special day we had at the end of September. Abiding on the side of safety with temperature checks, a lot of gel, and masks, the church heard helpful and encouraging preaching from Pong and Star. Afterwards, Pong’s wife Daa prepared special Chiang Mai food. Happy fellowship and comfort food set the course for everyone’s new week. Most members work six days a week, and many work rigorous jobs in the daytime heat. A special day like this is a godly boost for regular and new church members alike.

We saw many people come to learn of our Saviour through regular giving of the Gospel. Thai, Burmese, and Karen people were won to the Lord throughout each week in September. One Thai man, Art, was busy outfitting a building with a new shop. He was very busy, working with a large crew installing a surveillance camera high up on a ladder. As we walked by the busy workers, I handed a tract to Art and his coworkers. The coworkers thanked me and immediately started working again. Art, however, stopped and began to look at the tract on top of his ladder. Once he realized we represented the Lord and were offering God’s plan of how to be saved from Hell and gain Heaven, he got off his ladder and said, “I’ll work harder later; I want to listen to this.” Star took Art through the Gospel. Before reaching the end of the Gospel, Art was practically praying already. He lives about an hour north of Hua Hin in a very false-idol-ridden city called Phetchaburi. Art was desperate to receive Jesus, be saved from his sins, and accept the free gift of Heaven. He was so thankful and asked us for a stack of tracts to give to his family and friends. We hope to see him in one of our churches soon, where we can give him a brand-new King James Bible in the Thai language.

Star, our assistant pastor, traveled four hours away to obtain immigration papers. On that trip, one of our church families, Samuel and Bora, introduced Star to several nearby friends who were not saved. Star and his wife Rain were able to see 29 people saved on this two-day trip.

With an increase in church members comes the increased possibilities for conflicts and issues. I’ve watched Pong and Star handle issues over this past month, which indicates to me that they love the ministry and love the Lord enough to go after those problems. Together, we are enjoying the journey of a newly independent church.
Near our house is a very large garden called the Queen’s Garden. In September, we went soul winning there. We found a lady named Popeyou who had been led to the Lord years before by Daa and Anna Bosje. She was so glad to see us again. We were able to lead her husband to the Lord and her younger brother Topkey to the Lord. Every Wednesday, we bring Popeyou, Topkey, and three children to Bible study. They love the teaching and look forward to the services. This is a great encouragement to Pong, Star, and me.

Last week, one of our church moms, Na, gave birth at the local Hua Hin hospital. Our church had been praying for a safe birth. Sarah went to visit Na in the hospital and prayed with Na because the baby’s heartbeat was higher than normal. In the bed next to Na, a sad mother had given birth but had not been able to hold her baby yet, also because of an elevated heartbeat. Sarah prayed with her, too, and gave her the Gospel. The woman happily received salvation with thankful tears in her eyes.

We continue to pray faithfully for the USA and the many, many churches and pastors who are helping so many. We have a couple of prayer requests. Pray that we would have a deeper reach into the Nong Phlap areas and the people. Also, we are considering the purchase of a small, covered truck/bus to transport our church people dryly/rain-free, costing approximately $10,000. The Inmans appreciate you all and thank you very much for your prayers and encouragements!

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family