Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Souls, Programs, and PrayersWe hope you have a blessed time of thanking the Lord with your families for Thanksgiving. This month brought super heavy rains, as well as many first-time visitors to church! We were also able to see a number of souls come to Christ.

While out soul winning, Sarah was able to lead Batsoon to the Lord. He was excited to know Christ as his Saviour, and when his grown son Nut came home, Batsoon sat him down and told him that he must listen to the Gospel also. Nut had begun going to a Christian church but said he had never been told how to ask Jesus to be his personal Saviour. He also bowed his head and was saved. That same night, Bro. Sakrapee and I were able to share the Gospel with three teenagers and another group of children, all of whom chose to ask Jesus into their hearts.

Bible English Camp continues to be fruitful through following up on the children and their families. Programs like this and our Saturday English classes provide great opportunities, both directly and indirectly, to reach more people for the Lord. In the case of Nong Ming, Ming signed up for Bible English Camp, which she attended. At Bible English Camp, she trusted Christ as her Saviour. The next week we followed up with a visit to her house and family. Last week, Ming came to church for the first time. She even won a prize during a Bible Sword Drill game. Another blessing was during follow-up with camper Dton Naam. Sarah and Joom were able to talk to his 83-year-old grandmother Jumnong, and she was sweetly saved.

It’s a victory to see the continued faith of new believers such as in Kun Lai, who was led to the Lord six months ago. He gave up his idols right away and never misses church, coming faithfully from over an hour away, week after week. He continues to give praise to God that since he gave up his idols, he has sleep, a healthy spirit, and much peace.

Please pray for our church and team as we deliver Christmas presentations/programs to several local schools. We pray that many would have the same opportunity you and I had to be saved and grow in the Lord. Many fields need plowed on the southern stretches of Thailand. Please pray for more laborers from the USA, from Thailand, and from all over to come to the Kingdom of Thailand in the name of the Great Commission.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman and Family