Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Raining the Gospel in ThailandYour summer is our rainy season, which basically means slightly cooler temperatures—low 90s—and a shot of rain about every other day. The reprieve from the heat is refreshing. The brown hills around us turn green, and mini-jungles spring up everywhere. By the time the rainy season is finished, all of the plant growth would make you think: Is this the same place? In this area, with so many people who have been reached by Jesus, we can often think the same: Is this the same person? We very much enjoy working for the Lord, doing the work every day, and planning for the work so that more people in Thailand will learn the awesomeness of being a Christian. Below are a few focal points to paint a picture of what is being accomplished through the Lord and some of the people and areas that we are asking your help in prayer for.

Brother Randy and Carmen Shook put forth tremendous effort and heart in reaching many people here in this area. We will miss their presence but know that they will be greatly utilized in North Carolina. They leave behind the fruits of their labor, many who are growing and reaching others. Please pray for the continued growth and reach of the Nong Plap Baptist Church. Pray for Baby Bo, who has spent much time in the hospital with medical complications. Both the mom and dad of Baby Bo have chosen to be saved from Hell and have been given an eternity in Heaven. Please pray for Gee, who was reached by Jack, a very faithful young man who has been growing in the Lord over the years. Jack and Gee work together every day. This past Sunday afternoon, Star and I came to take Jack to church, and while we were waiting, Gee came to the truck seeking to be saved and trust in Jesus for Heaven. Star and I readily gave Gee, age 35, the Gospel, and yet one more was reached. Please pray for Hsardaheh (husband) and Dahseh (wife), another young couple the Hua Hin church had the honor of conducting a wedding for. Please also pray for comfort, growth, work, and the family of a widow named Roatee; her husband Aarow was reached with Gospel less than two weeks before he passed on to Heaven. We ask for prayer for the opportunity to reach and fortify many teenagers for the Lord.

One afternoon, many of us went to a nearby village to respond to an immigration incident involving one of our faithful church families. The incident was resolved, and the decision was made to “just go soul winning,” starting right there. Star and I first met Mint, a 20-year-old Thai mom with two children. Mint received Jesus and was joyously saved. Mint’s grandma, who cannot speak or hear, believes in Jesus already. Grandma takes comfort in knowing she will be able to hear and speak in Heaven. Grandma brought Mint and her kids to the church last week. Next that afternoon, we talked to Sigh Yan, a 43-year-old Burmese man. He was living here, working on a nearby construction team. Sigh Yan heard the Gospel in Burmese and was saved. Then we met two Karen men, Nee Leow (18) and Jothurat (29), who both listened to the Gospel and trusted in Jesus. These salvations all took place in the village where we were called to that afternoon. Praise the Lord! Star translated in Thai, Burmese, and Karen consecutively; and Jesus consecutively saved them all. What a blessing!

The final four pictures above represent an area the Lord is calling me to focus on and reach. Thousands of people are stacked into this needy area. Grandparents, parents, teenagers, children, and everyone in between exist here. Five were saved in this area last Friday and Saturday, as the “focus to reach” began. Thank you for your prayers, and thank you for your heart for the Lord.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman