Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  ". . . All Power Is Given Unto Me in Heaven and in Earth."

“. . . All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.”
(Matthew 28:18)

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! Support is at 78%. We are very thankful for the meetings the Lord has put on our schedule. Many friendships have been made, along with multiple commitments to pray from new friends, ministries, and classes within each church.


Our van was due for tire replacements. A shop near Los Angeles had three, 90%-plus-tread-life Michelins for $150. Just down the street, I bought one matching brand-new tire. In the end, we had nearly new, top-of-the-line tires for $350, normally costing $750. I found out the shop owner was saved, which was an extra blessing. Saving $400 was a great praise. The next morning we received an email from a family, alerting us to a love offering they were sending, enough to completely cover the cost of the tires and a whole lot of gasoline. I didn’t tell anybody that we needed new tires, but the Lord knew. Perhaps your prayers gave us this blessing. Amen!

In Newport Beach, California, a 20-year-old girl named Carmen was saved out soul winning Saturday morning. A short time later, I was able to lead another young lady named Freeva to fully seek the Lord to forgive her and take her to Heaven. She was so happy. The day and week continued with multiple and special missions conference events, where much sharing and bonding was done throughout Liberty Baptist Church. In areas where you may think the world has taken over, a vibrant, loving church near the coastal waters of California is reaching people for Jesus every week.

In Mesa, Arizona, just outside of Phoenix, another bright church is regularly going to the community with the Gospel. Out visiting one morning, Alex, a high school janitor, was led to the Lord. He had been looking for answers and was reading the Bible often on his own. He now has a place to be fed spiritually just minutes from his home. On a different day while visiting one of the bus routes, Assistant Pastor Matt Yancey led a young boy to the Lord and encouraged him to ride the bus. Sarah led two young ladies to the Lord. Zoe was amazed to learn that Jesus would take care of her sin debt if she turned to Him.

Fantastic fellowship and friendships continued at Crossroads Baptist Church of Hemet, California. We were involved in nearly every ministry and Sunday school class, sharing the work and need for the Lord in Thailand. Playing basketball and volleyball and going mountain biking with church members were an extra bonus. Like all of the churches we were in this month, an overwhelming, warm spirit amongst the people just made church a super happy place to be.

From Hemet, we tested out the new tires and drove to Pennsylvania to be with Cedar Crest Independent Baptist Church for their annual missions conference. Members rallied around the Great Commission, and we were made to feel loved and appreciated in our service for the Lord.

Prayer Requests

We thank you all for pulling for us. Please keep our safety and success in your prayers. Please pray also for the missionaries working hard for the Lord to serve and help the many who need a Saviour throughout Thailand.

Grateful to serve,

Chad Inman and Family