Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Our People Are Centering Their Lives on GodWe thank God for your prayers and the successes He brings here! International Baptist Church Nong Phlap continues to see new folks come each week. Attendances are strong. Several months ago, we began a discipleship Bible study 40 minutes from the church. This group of 12 or 15 soaks up the learning each week as we root Bible truths in our minds and hearts. Some of these dear people are newly saved and newly baptized. Emoora received salvation at our very first Bible study, along with two others. Several weeks later, the Sunday following our Bible study on baptism, Emoora took a work-absence day, came to church, and was happily baptized. Just last week, we learned that Emoora and seven other members from this Bible study will start a new job, which is closer to the church and gives them every Sunday off work. This was a great answer to prayer, as we had been praying for a long time for many of our people to have Sundays off. God answered with a better location and a better paying job for 10 different church members. Emoora is planning to live within walking distance of the church. We praise the Lord for His goodness and for the people’s understanding, desire, and prayers to have a life centered on the church and on the Lord.

As a continuation to this story, this past Tuesday we moved one of the men from the Bible study, Kun Daeng, to his new residence next to the factory where he will have Sundays off. He is in his forties and fervent for the Lord. All of his possessions took up about one half of the bed of my mid-sized pickup truck. I say “residence,” but it’s about the size of a motel room. In a nearby residence near Kun Daeng, we met Kinsowin, and with Star translating my giving of the Gospel into Burmese, Kinsowin happily put her trust, faith, and belief in Jesus to be saved. Then Noo was saved while working to build new rooms, along with Baatin, the landlord’s mother-in-law. Please pray for more fruit from this residential area.

In our last prayer letter, we wrote about Na, a mom who gave birth recently. The baby is doing well and is coming to church. Last week I had the honor of praying and dedicating this baby to the Lord. Na and her husband Twee Htoo requested this. We also prayed for more babies and more moms and dads to dedicate their lives to the Lord. The best place to be is safe in the arms of God. Twee Htoo recently starting bringing people to church in his truck. We are seeing people volunteer to help in any way they can with church cleaning, church maintenance, safety, music, and just plain old being a good encouragement to one another.

Kanee, of whom I’ve a written about over the years, took the initiative to make his truck into a covered people carrier. Kanee, a servant with a great Christian heritage, has a big family, lives very humbly, and is truly turning his life around for God. This past Wednesday night, his truck was filled to the brim with happy church members. Kanee drives slowly and safely. His service of driving and his music ability are a blessing for us!

The church is meeting its financial obligations as we enter the sixth month of an autonomous independent, fundamental Baptist church. We praise the Lord for that; but we have much to do, and our goals run deep in time, energy, and prayer. So many come for every service and continue to be faithful for sermons and Bible studies. The church Facebook page is seeing many views of the teaching and preaching. Overall though, I feel our people would much rather come in person than to stay home and watch on their phones. As a whole, our team, together with God’s grace and strength, strives to reach, teach, and allow God to grow the people of this area in the ways of the Lord. Our family is happy and healthy. Sarah continues to give herself to Junior Church and Wednesday Night Kids’ Club. We love the kids and want the best for them! May the Lord bless your November as we serve God together!

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family