Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Medical Furlough and Patiently Awaiting a Return to ThailandOn July 18, 2019, we took an emergency flight to take my wife Sarah to the States for help.  She was very weak, had not slept for many days, and was in tremendous pain. The four hospital visits in Thailand leading up to our departure resulted in the doctors telling us that nothing was wrong and that psychological medicine would be recommended. The afternoon of July 18, we landed in Chicago and consulted our U.S. doctor three hours later. Over the next week, many tests were run and analyzed. Sarah had hormonal and vitamin/mineral deficiencies. She was given clinical and natural medicine. Over the next 10 days, improvement was very slow, and some days, I felt like we went backwards. It was discovered a short time later that Sarah had a problem with pathogens and parasites which were attacking her muscles, causing deficiencies and affecting glands that help her sleep. A new regimen was put in place, and since then, Sarah has been on a slow and steady, yet fragile, improvement path.  We are very thankful!  Our doctor relayed a timeline of two to three months for a full recovery, which would deliver us back to Thailand in October, if all is well and approved. During Sarah’s testing, I, too, was tested as well and showed alarms with my liver, causing chronic fatigue more than anything.  I’m healing alongside Sarah.  Our three children have been given their own protocols as well.

All this to say, we are so overwhelmed with all of the people who have prayed, reached out, and given towards the needs and costs of all of this. We thank you for showing God’s love to us, and we thank the Lord for showing us Sarah’s problems (and mine) through godly Christian doctors and medical professionals, partnered up with your prayers. We have great, great hope that this medical furlough will give our family many more very productive years on the mission field, deep into the future. We will keep you updated as we heal at Sarah’s parents’ place in Kentucky. The healing regimen calls for four to five hours of therapy every day. Please pray that full healing will come. We welcome any or all to contact us for any reason. Our phone number now is (270) 702-3357, and we are using for an email address. Thank you again!

In the time leading up to the emergency, the Lord did great things in Thailand. Here are a few pictures. We love our people! Sarah and Joom met Bpa Joo, age 62. Bpa Joo said she always wondered why the Jesus of Christians died on a Cross—she had no idea He died for her—but she is now a child of God! Bpa Joo immediately wanted her niece Maow to know about Jesus. Meow, who is 40, has been crippled her whole life, but her smile of hope and joy brought many to tears after she trusted in Jesus. So glad our God saves!

Grateful to serve,

Chad & Sarah Inman & Family