Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Launch ut Into the Deep, and Let Down Your Nets for a DraughtLAUNCH OUT INTO THE DEEP, AND LET DOWN YOUR NETS FOR A DRAUGHT

Thank you for praying for the Royal Garden truck route area that was started this past June. God has certainly shown His presence. From this newest area, we have seen people come to church 16 out of 17 weeks and 15 different people attend church. Twenty people have trusted Christ, including the garden supervisor, Kun Weelot.

Kun Weelot has been working and managing the gardens for over 30 years. He is a master gardener, carpenter, and a great friend. I can point at any tree or plant, and he can tell me all about it (good or bad), how to take care of it, and on and on. It is much the same for improvement projects. He is a happy, quiet thinker, and it is fun to see what ideas he will come up with. His two sons and his son-in law often feel the same way. Kun Weelot is the brains, and the young men are the power.

Kun Weelot and his family were able to complete some projects in the village our family lives in, including our septic tank, which was broken. Thanks to Kun Weelot, we can flush the toilet with confidence. But even better, we know that Kun Weelot and his family know how to go to Heaven. Please pray for their continued growth in the Lord. It is experiences like this that make working on the church truck routes every week truly enjoyable.

The Inmans thank you for your prayers and support. We feel blessed to have faithful friends who pray for our family, team, and church. We hope this letter reaches you in great spirits as you embark on the fall season.

Grateful to serve,

Chad Inman and Family