Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  I Will Praise the LORD According to His Righteousness . . . .“I will praise the LORD according to his righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD most high.” (Psalm 7:17)

We praise the Lord for your support and prayers. The Lord gave safe driving and blessed meetings. We thank all of the pastors who allowed us to present. Your hospitality and love towards missions strengthens us. Harmony and Autumn progressed in their A Beka homeschooling and are still ahead, given their early start.

August allowed us to attend two missions conferences, one in Kentucky (Pastor Muncie, Landmark Baptist Church, Winchester) and one in Iowa (Pastor Brown, Marion Avenue Baptist Church, Washington), along with one Missions-Emphasis Month in Ohio (Pastor Mainous, High Street Baptist Church, Columbus). Sarah attended a special ladies’ conference in Indiana (Pastor Tidd, Lighthouse Baptist Church, Indianapolis). At each church, as we told others of the great work that God is doing in Thailand, it was a joy to visit old friends and make new ones.
In West Virginia (Pastor Cochran, Lighthouse Baptist Church, Daniels), we were blessed to visit and experience a strong Bus Ministry and a new boys’ home named Joseph Academy. Out soul winning, Felicia was led to the Lord with tears in her eyes on a Saturday morning. Please pray that she and her daughter Princess (saved previously) will attend church regularly.

We were encouraged and met by many fantastic members and staff at the Wilson Creek Baptist Church in Brookline, Missouri (Pastor Moody). Likewise at High Street Baptist Church, Columbus, where a Bible-college friend, Chris Pyatt, has served for years. At Marion Avenue Baptist Church, we were overwhelmed with the kindness and giving to our children by a woman with stage-four cancer. Even with her difficulties and expenses, she had been setting aside monies to help a missionary family. Dr. Sisk and Pastor Wilkerson preached the conference each evening. Upon leaving Iowa full of encouragement, our van experienced brake issues. The shop manager told me that he had been stranded before and wanted to take care of us the way he would have wanted to be taken care of, and the repair was done (frozen caliper) for less than the travel-expense amount given at the missions conference! Praise the Lord for all involved and for your prayers.

In Kentucky we felt like we were home, staying with a super-nice family (Brian and Lisa) for the week, who had children in similar ages to ours. The conference at Landmark Baptist Church, Winchester, gave us full hearts through the many services preached by missionaries and Evangelist David Frazie and great fellowship overall. In Pennsylvania (Pastor Feeser, Turnpike Baptist Church, Shrewsbury), we were boosted to see their love for missionaries and to hear decisions made by their teenagers. We were also encouraged by Pastor Murray and members of Peoples Baptist Church, Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania, another college friend, serving faithfully with joy. We thank all for generously opening up your homes to us. Please pray for our travels in September to Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Please pray for safety and continued outreach to the people of Thailand through our team members, church members, and churches. May the Lord give you many blessings this fall.

Grateful to serve,

Chad Inman and Family
695 AG Daniel Road, Hartford, KY 42347