Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Growth and Gap-FillingThank you for your prayers and encouragements! April brings the hot season here, but the work of the Lord never stops! This past month brought exciting opportunities of growth in our church people. Jack, one of our teenagers, was asked to translate for a Wednesday night Bible study for the first time, and he was very excited about it. We met several times leading up to that night and used it as an opportunity to give Jack an overview on the sermon and to teach on sermon preparation. Jack did a great job, and the church people were encouraged to see his heart to serve the Lord. Please pray for the young people here as they learn and grow.

Every Wednesday night, our church takes prayer requests. We pray together and make lists so we can pray for each other throughout the week. The people here have seen some amazing answers to prayer and are excited to pray. Before we began to pray one night, the comment was made, “Aren’t you glad you don’t have to pay the person who prays for you?” Our church responded with joy, laughter, Amens, and applause. In the Buddhist realm, predominant in Thailand, you have to pay to be prayed for. “Pay for prayer.” Praise God! He hears our prayers for free!

On a Thursday evening, Sarah, Lauren, and I met Chomson. She grew up in Northern Thailand and has been operating a small restaurant on the southwest side of Hua Hin for years. She was very kind and gave us an open door to sit down and talk about the Lord. Her restaurant is located next to a busy market area. Amazingly, not one customer arrived during the whole time Sarah gave her the Gospel. That night, Chomson chose to ask Jesus to forgive her sins and save her.

Our church and team praise the Lord for the work He is doing here. Several of our church families have taken leaps of faith concerning cutting back on their work in order to be able to attend church and even soul winning, choosing the Lord over “the cares of this world” and “the deceitfulness of riches” (Mark 4:19). We thank you again for your dedication to Him and for pulling for His work on the mission field.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman