Chad Inman Prayer Letter:  God Continues to Give VictoriesGOD CONTINUES TO GIVE VICTORIES

We thank the many churches that support our ministry and the many that pray for our health, success, and safety as we travel for deputation. Through God’s grace and because of your prayers on our behalf, I have begun to see great improvements in a health condition I have been battling for over a year. Praise the Lord! We want to serve with good health and endurance and will work very hard to keep that going. Also, we are excited about the many meetings scheduled through the end of March 2018. Our support is currently at 65%, and we look forward to returning home!

The Lord provides us opportunities to give the Gospel and share our faith in so many ways. Twice this past month, we were treated to dinner at Thai restaurants. Both occasions afforded us the opportunity to speak in Thai with the Thai employees and share our faith. Upon being asked our purpose in their country of birth, we told them of the work the Lord is doing in Thailand. Both Suchada at one location and Kay at another were very interested and excited to learn about our churches and asked for information to learn more when they had time. Suchada is going to Hua Hin next month and is planning to visit our church. Please pray that both of these people would come to know Christ as Saviour.

While soul winning, my wife Sarah was able to lead a troubled young man named Francisco to the Lord. Francisco said he was involved in dark worship. Others had made an effort to give the Gospel to Francisco before, to no avail, but God’s Word does not return void; God gave the increase! Francisco finally saw his sins for the chains they were and realized he was a slave to them and wanted to be free. Francisco accepted Jesus to save him from his sins and take him to Heaven when he dies. Praise the Lord! I was able to lead a very kind man named Amelio to the Lord at a bus stop. God allowed us to have plenty of time to give the Gospel clearly and for Amelio to receive Christ as Saviour before the bus arrived. Please pray for the spiritual growth of these two.

Grateful to serve,

Chad Inman and Family