Chad Inman Prayer Letter: “Go Ye Into All the World” and Teenagers GrowingWhile out soul winning, Sarah and Joom met a group of ladies sitting outside their home. Sarah began talking to Wasana, and Joom talked to Kwaan. Fon and Manao showed no interest in listening at first. Later Sarah noticed Manao listening as she cooked. Both Kwaan and Wasana chose to trust in Christ for salvation. Sarah talked to Manao afterward. Manao showed conviction but was not ready to choose Christ. We went back to do a follow-up visit later that month. Sadly, Manao showed even more disinterest in the Gospel. God had another reason for our visit though. Relaxing outside a neighboring home sat Lex, short for Lexus! Lex had never been given the Gospel but had heard of Jesus. Lex wanted to know how he could be saved from Hell. It was one of those moments when the Holy Spirit brings the message through your mouth, and you just know He is working. Lex chose to trust Christ for his salvation that day and, without being led, prayed and asked Jesus to forgive his sins and save him. After talking about the assurance of salvation, we discovered Lex was moving to Bangkok for work the very next day! Perfect timing from the Lord!

Thank you for your prayers for the youth group here. God is clearly working in their hearts. To see young people who had never even been in church before last year listening intently to the preaching, asking their new church friends how to dress right for services, learning how to use their Bibles and winning Sword Drills, and singing out those hymns with a smile! Such a joy to serve the Lord!

March of 2019 began a planned series of teen activities that will funnel or finale into a teen camp around this time next year. Please pray for the next generation of preachers and Christian workers in Thailand. There is so much potential here. Your prayers and provision are making a difference for His glory.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman