thumbnail of Chad Inman March 2021 Prayer LetterChad Inman Prayer Letter: Fruitful Month of Salvations and Church GrowthGreetings to you again, this time from Thailand’s “hot season.” When God turns on the heat, everyone just takes things a step slower outside. We thank the Lord for air-conditioning at home and at church. No surprise, many of our church members do not use air-conditioning. This is evident when they ride in my truck, always with their window down even though the air-conditioner is on. Lightheartedly, that is completely fine by me, as I’m humbly reminded of my more complex comfort level. Here’s a few notes to update you about our March.

Attendance averages are ticking upwards, and also our attendances on Tuesday nights and Wednesday nights are holding strong. We’ve been seeing more first-time visitors this month, many who have trusted Jesus upon the church service invitations. The church is also seeing increased financial stability, along with an increase in members’ “soul-sensitivity” when it comes to family and coworkers. This is evident in some of the recent salvations the Lord has rained upon our ministries.

The virus situation is mostly under control here, but there does seem to be an undercurrent of “migrant worker” groups who are tested in large numbers. In addition, outbreaks on the Thailand/Myanmar border, which often are not in the news. The border, as the crow flies, is only about an hour from the church. All that to say, we take extra care in educating the people of the situation and do what is necessary to safely have services for our families. Our flexibility of two service times on Sunday, with the easy ability to add a third Sunday service, keeps us from turning away healthy people who want to come to church and honor God. We understand that many churches on the mission field are facing difficulties, and we pray for those, while thanking the Lord that we’ve been able to plow forward during multiple months of the past year.

In Week 11, March 14, we had our monthly soccer program for the men after church. We look to expand this activity to include some extra teaching and fellowship activities, making the time more of a men’s meeting for the church. In Week 13, rejoicingly, a church couple, Win Min Lat and Nee Nee Khaing, were married. We are thankful for their desire to give their marriage to the Lord, and we look forward to more couples marrying and growing under God’s grace and wisdom. Also in Week 13, our Nong Phlap and Hua Hin churches combined soul winners to plant the seed of the Gospel in the city of Petchaburi (about an hour north). Hundreds of Gospel tracts were given out, and overall, the group saw 58 souls saved. People were invited to be picked up on Sunday with church transportation. Someday, we foresee a doctrinally sound, independent fundamental Baptist church running full-time in the city of Petchaburi. Buddhism runs deep there, hence the great need for Jesus. Please pray for this future church opportunity. Also, please be in prayer for our extended church families in Burma/Myanmar. Many of them are without communications, under unwelcomed government authoritarianism.

God gave IBC-Nong Phlap 31 salvations in the month of March, not including the soul-winning blitz mentioned above. Below are some of God’s children, recent salvations, and events. Thank you for your prayers and heart for the Great Commission.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family