Chad Inman Prayer Letter: ". . . fear the LORD, and serve him in sincerity and in truth . . . ."“NOW THEREFORE FEAR THE LORD, AND SERVE HIM IN SINCERITY AND IN TRUTH . . . .” (JOSHUA 24:14)

Thank you for praying for our family. Recently the Lord brought new friendships, valuable learning, safe travels, strong encouragements, and special, memorable times. Overall, the desire to return to Thailand reigns with strength, yet patience. The Lord has provided more clarity concerning our geographical path of deputation and planning towards our return.

At Agape Baptist Church in Stockton, Missouri, we learned how a large staff can work so well together, with the common thread of serving the Lord. The contentment and peace that comes from their efforts were obvious throughout. Dr. Bob Bowen preached.

Our next meeting in Oklahoma was with my former bus captain in Bible college, Pastor Golia Begley. His fervency to serve has not languished at all, but rather increased. Out visiting on a Thursday evening, Alex, a 10-year old boy with autism, trusted Jesus to be his Saviour. A short time later, Bernice, a 77-year old woman living at Cherokee Nation, was saved. Sunday morning Sarah and I brought Bernice to church, where she enjoyed the services. Leading two people to the Lord, with one coming to church for the first time, was exciting but not the highlight. My soul-winning partner Kerry was able to lead his first soul to Christ that Thursday evening. Scott, a middle-aged man, spent many years in church but did not know for sure he would go to Heaven. Kerry carefully and prayerfully explained the Scriptures with his Bible, and Scott listened intently and trusted in the Lord. Kerry was so happy, and so was I. Christians leading their first soul to the Lord is what we hope for in every mission field. Praise the Lord!

In Lowell, Indiana, Pastor Caleb Hon was stirred by the need for Bibles. Providence Baptist Church decided to raise funds to supply Bibles to the many Karen/Burmese people whom our church reaches in South/Central Thailand. What a blessing! During our Indiana visits, family friends took us to a nearby zoo for a retreat and fellowship. At the zoo I met two Buddhist monks and befriended them in the Thai language. They were enjoying it and began to wonder, “Why does he know Thai?” Later Sarah joined us, and a clear presentation of the Gospel was given in Thai. More seeds being planted in the Kingdom of Thailand, all the way from Brookfield, Illinois.

In Ohio we met Pastor Phillip Manning and Lighthouse Baptist Church. They were completing a parking lot project, where at least a dozen church members helped prepare and pour cement for two days. There is something special about working hard with many church members, spreading cement with the loud diesel motor of the cement truck cranking in the background—therapy.

In Thailand we are excited to hear about another off-site, midweek Bible study, where neighbors join and learn of the goodness of God. Please continue to pray for church-land ownership opportunities, as well as continued evangelistic outreach programs. We miss our people: Sakrapee, Singad, Pong, Black, Star, James, Myatmin, Peesit, Pat, the Shook families, the Mercers, Ms. House, and many other Thai/Karen friends and missionary families. Please pray for their safety and success.

Serving Him,

Chad Inman and Family