Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Enjoying Working for GodThis past July, by God”s grace and with the help of your faithful support and prayers, our family reached and passed our six-year milestone of serving our great God here in the Kingdom of Thailand. We sincerely wish to thank you for the investment you have made in our family and ministries over the past six years. Our desire is to continue serving for many more years to come and for you to continue to be our partner in this great work, God”s work!

The Karen Sunday School class was introduced nearly one year ago. The class is continually growing and had a recent high attendance of 47. As a result of this class, we have seen many faithful, God-fearing Christians from Burma and the border areas of Thailand grow through the teaching of His Word.

Late last year our church purchased 50 Karen Bibles to be used in the Sunday school and church services. The people were eager to come to church and hold a copy of God”s Word in their hands for a short time. Sadly, many of our people did not have their own Bible in their home. Like many of you, our family has multiple copies of the Bible. As we would read and learn each morning, it was difficult to think about our people who lacked the opportunity to open God”s Word six days a week.

This became a matter of prayer. Karen Bibles can be rare and costly, but God provided both the source and the means. Greater Vision Baptist Church in Owensboro, Kentucky, and Victory Baptist Church in Brentwood, California, raised the funds needed to obtain 75 Bibles for our Karen people. The majority of these online casino have already been distributed to these hardworking men, women, and teenagers. Many now hold their own copy of God”s Word for the first time in their lives. They are so grateful. Thank you for the sacrificial giving that made this possible.

We ask that you pray for several of the young men who have expressed their desire to be preachers and servants of God, specifically James, Star, Myanmin, Samuel, and Kusay. Also, most of our members work in very difficult, hard-labor conditions where prayers are needed for their safety and health. Pray especially for the children who are regularly ill or injured. We also ask that you would join us in praying for a larger space to meet in.

Our people are bringing in new friends and relatives every week. They rejoice in the love of God and in the love of churches like yours that care enough about their souls to send missionaries and Bibles to tell them about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Grateful to serve,

Chad Inman and Family