Chad Inman Prayer Letter: Early 2021 Closed--But, Praise the Lord, We’re Off and Running Again!We hope and pray your 2021 is full of grace and growth. All is rumbling along strong here in the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan. Thailand experienced wave two, but our province was spared again, only having a couple of cases, of which the people were immediately transferred north to Bangkok. Not one of our church members has been diagnosed with this virus, and we thank God for this. While things were mostly closed for the first three weeks, we progressed back into fully attended services in Weeks 4-8. The Lord has given us many soul-winning opportunities, both at the church and out and about during three good weekly windows. Our family and team are healthy. Harmony (6th grade), Autumn (4th grade), and Forest (2nd grade) are doing well in Abeka school. They all love the outdoors where bugs, lizards, and other strange creatures are just “normal” for them and sometimes become pets for a while. The weather here has been very nice, nothing to complain about.

For the church at Nong Phlap, our discipleship Bible studies on Tuesday and Wednesday nights are progressing with growing Christians. Tuesdays, we are on Lesson 14 of the Foundations of Our Faith series. Wednesdays, we are on Lesson 12 of the Teaching All Nations series. Both are well attended with a lot of note-taking and a lot of views online for those who have unfavorable work schedules. We take time to discuss the lessons and to pray. Sarah has been happily busy with the Wednesday night and Sunday morning kids’ programs. Within these children’s programs are a lot of Bible memory work and teaching. In Week 4, our reopening, the church kids recited their Bible memory verses to the main church. It was a blessed way to restart the services in the mindset of focus and service for our Lord.

In Week 7, February 14, we had a promotion where couples and families could have their pictures taken with a specially prepared backdrop, and 115 different souls attended. In time for Week 8, we prepared 92, 4×6 pictures with frames to be given out. It was a wonderful church-bonding event to see everyone sharing and taking home the pictures. We had 108 different people that day. Week 8 included our monthly soccer event, complete with Christian music and prayer. Looking ahead, in Week 9 we’ll have the Lord’s Supper, which our people really gravitate to in honoring our Saviour. Our next “big event” will be surrounding Resurrection Sunday in April, which we’re working on now.

So far in 2021, our Nong Phlap church has seen roughly 33 souls receive salvation. We were limited in the first three weeks, but the slowdown made the speedup more enjoyable and with greater thankfulness. Please pray for increased salvations, along with continued growth in member learning. Please also pray for our Hua Hin church construction plans with the recently purchased land on the outskirts of the city. This six-acre plot is starting to be developed, and we want it to be a strong Thailand hub for the Lord for many decades to come. Many of our church members have family in Burma. Please pray for these family members, as Burma has undergone a harsh virus situation, along with a difficult government situation. Lastly, please pray for God’s protection on our ministries here. It’s a blessing every time we make a visit, teach a class, or attend church. We hope to continue here for many, many more years.

Once again, we thank you for your multiplied generosities of prayer and encouragement. We have an annual 15-minute video update that I’ll share with each of you through e-mail  May the Lord bless you all very much!

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family