Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Salvations in the ValleyGreetings from Thailand! The Thai people have a built-in function of helping each other when times get difficult. It may be a neighbor providing a meal, the wealthy helping the poor, or Grandma setting up a roadside stand to sell bananas. September has been full of opportunities to help others during these economically difficult times. Thank you for your faithful giving towards helping many here stay afloat as things rebound.

Back in 2015, a lady named Daah faithfully attended our church. Through the years, she has had to move, but she recently reestablished in the area. One area missing in her life was baptism, so even though the church has been closed for in-person services, baptisms still go on. Daah was happily baptized, while her husband Kieow gladly heard the Gospel for the first time and was saved. Later in the week, Star and I visited with four different young people, who all heard the Gospel for the first time. Three of those were saved: Art, age 21: Aam, age 17; and So, age 25. So’s friend, a girl, refused to listen, but that didn’t seem to surprise So. They were mutual friends, searching for employment together that day. It reminded me so much of making sure that whomever you date or marry must have the Lord. In any case, it is always a blessing to see the younger generation showing great interest in Jesus, salvation, and growing in the Lord.

We have a young man, a church member, who had a motorcycle accident, resulting in a head injury. He thankfully had a helmet on. His name is Eh Khu, and we just ask you to pray for a healthy recovery for him. Star has been able to help Eh Khu receive better care in the hospital with the extended recovery he requires. In fact, when Eh Khu arrived, many people were there to make sure that Eh Khu would be treated well, perhaps making a difference in the priority of the care Eh Khu would receive. He’s been very faithful to church, church activities, and off-site Bible studies; and he truly loves the Lord.

During a soul-winning session, we saw a family receive salvation as they worked on a new house. Star was able to translate the Gospel into Burmese, allowing these kind people to be saved that afternoon. They have friends in a nearby village, whom we plan to follow up with. Please pray for the growth of Chomeesew, Potoo, and Gathee.

We will be returning to in-person services in October. We look forward to fellowshipping and meeting in person; we’ll continue to post the preaching and teaching online, as we have many people from longer distances without a church. These people kindly thank us for the sermon uploads and are sharing the lessons. Please pray for our in-person services in October, for more Thai people to be saved, for Thailand leadership decisions, for our Thailand Team, for our churches, for future churches, and for all to have continued growth in the Lord. It is always a blessing to serve the Lord here. Thank you for praying for and encouraging us!


Bro. Chad Inman & Family