Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Picture Sunday, Baby Dedication, and Souls SavedThank you for your continual encouragements as we serve the Lord! February was a perfect example of where your prayers for us make a difference. In the latter half of the month, the Nong Phlap church battled much sickness, as many areas have undergone outbreaks. Sickness eventually affected our family also. My kids were sick for a short amount of time, while I took longer to recover. Sarah never fell ill, which is an amazing blessing, with her as our family caretaker. In the end, the Lord still gave good windows to have a blessed promotional Sunday and dedicate our newest baby in the church to the Lord. We also had a special birthday at the home and family of Boonchai, one of our 12-year-old young men. In addition, souls were saved throughout the month as we continued to preach, teach, disciple, serve, and pray for our community and our young, growing church.

February 13, 2021 – Picture Sunday

Each year in February, we have a joyous time of taking pictures together, thanking the Lord for our friendships and the church. A nice backdrop is created for the pictures; and, later on, a quality picture with a frame is distributed for our church- family homes. Our people don’t have a lot of things, but they have the Lord and they have each other, making events like these extra special.

Baby Dedication

Seemingly, very little time passes between the birth of a child and that child’s dedication to the Lord here at the church. Tae-Woo and Loo Loo dedicated Baby Mai to the Lord a short time after her birth. Mom and Dad are growing in the Lord and are an integral part of the church family.

Soul Winning

After time in prayer and with coffee in hand, Star and I went out to see who needed the Gospel. A short time later, Yoori, age 79, came into our path. She seemed to be struggling with her health and her finances, but her real struggle was not knowing for sure if she would go to Heaven. She grew up in Hua Hin, hearing bits and pieces of the Gospel, but after 79 years, she finally heard the full truth in its simplicity, stirring Yoori’s heart to take action and trust Jesus. She was very thankful, not expecting to receive the gift of salvation in the middle of a heartless street in the city.

In a prior week, we saw Et, age 38, receive the Gospel and get saved. It was very wet, overcast weather, and just out of the blue, Et popped out of the ocean on a dead-end alleyway. Et grew up in Southern Thailand and has obviously gone through some struggles. Et was cold, just coming out of the water, but he intently listened and was saved. As Et prayed, another young man was listening very closely on the other side of a nearby wall. We noticed him and then witnessed to this young man, Jin, age 25. He was not ready to believe; but, my oh my, was that young man interested. We were able to give him a John & Romans and our information if he had any questions. The whole time we were giving the Gospel to Jin, Et was reading the Bible verses in the tract over and over again out loud. We gave Et a John & Romans also, and he just read and read and read. As we left the area 20 minutes later, Et was still reading as if his life depended on it. We helped Et in getting a shirt on his back and a hot meal. Star’s comment to me was, “You just never know what the power of God can do to one person.” I thought, that is so true. You think someone is too far gone, but everyone has a chance with God. Below are a few more of the folks that now have a future home in Heaven. In total, 18 souls were saved during the month. We thank you all again for your prayers, your giving, and your heart for missions!

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family

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