Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Much to Thank God for in 2021 and Ready for 2022Thank you for praying us into 2022! This past year, God’s people have been faithful and have grown much spiritually, in spite of the “on again/off again” requirements placed on us. We had a fantastic annual Christmas celebration. Throughout the month of December, 25 souls were saved while out soul winning and during follow-ups. To God be the glory!

Christmas Sunday Big Day – Nong Phlap, December 19, 2021

God blessed this event with a safe, enjoyable fellowship. We had 2 services totaling 211, with 155 unique attendees—many attended both services, while others attended one service and then took on responsibilities outside for transportation, food distribution, or gift distribution. The children had a detailed recital to present to the adults for both services, including Bible verses, Scripture songs, and other special music. The kids really poured their hearts into it, practicing many weeks prior. In the end, God blessed with a great performance, while their parents watched thankfully and joyfully. The two services had a variety of music specials, challenging preaching for 2022, and a needed gift. We were able to source a large, nice, super-soft, micro-fleece blanket to give out this year. Our blanket source had 19 different colors to make things fun; the people really loved them. It’s been getting into the high 60s at night here, which is rolling into dangerously cold territory to most. The local mindset is that when it’s anything below 70, it’s nearly equivalent to Michigan in December for you and me. So, everyone who came on the big day received one of these “wrap yourself up” blankets. Sadly, many folks are still restricted from leaving their worker camps, and some had to work on Sunday. They were not forgotten, as all were “blanketed.” In total, 220 blankets were distributed. The year 2021 was difficult for many, but God sustained. Most of our members were able to keep their jobs. Some had to move away, while others moved away and came back. But, given all of the rigmarole of the ups and downs, our people have endured with steadfastness, honoring God with their time and energy and growing in the Lord. God is our everything!

Spiritual Gains

Our Wednesday night discipleship series continues on with faithful families. We are in Lesson 23 of our multi-year TAN discipleship plan. The adults are taking careful notes, and online viewership is also good. The children in the Wednesday night program are gaining in Scripture memorization and Bible understanding. The Wednesday night before Christmas (after the big day), we had a special party with a lot of Christmas cookies, a full meal with fried chicken (that one is a universal favorite), and hot chocolate. The idea here was to thank all of our most faithful members who worked very hard for the big day. For the party, our people didn’t have to do a thing other than come, eat, fellowship, and enjoy.

Soul Winning Always Continues

Praise the Lord for His provision and production! Below are pictures of a portion of the souls God put in our path. Christmastime is a special window to go soul winning because we can fully give the “reason for the season.” Christmas seems to be gaining popularity here in Thailand, at least in decorations and festivities. Overall, there is much more Christmas today in Thailand versus 13 years ago. Thankfully, Jesus is getting into the hearts of the Thailand people more and more.

Thank you again for your prayers and for following of the Lord! Hoping and praying your 2022 is healthy and full of God’s blessings!

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family