Chad and Sarah Inman Prayer Letter: Be of Good Cheer!We are so very thankful for your prayers and encouragements! “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) This is one of the many motivating truths to comfort, enjoy, inspire, and reassure our work for God. Our Thailand Team recently had donations given towards the giving of food aid to our church families and extended families in need. A portion of that aid landed at a local pork-farm housing complex about ten minutes from our Nong Phlap church. All workers at the pork farm have had their pay reduced or suspended. We have five different families from that complex that attend our church, as well as others who do not attend. A 24-year-old husband, Quee Lee, was away from the Lord, suffering with alcohol addiction, but yet was being helped by our food-aid program at the complex. Quee Lee knew others in our church that have overcome alcohol addiction, are doing very well, and are being a light for the Lord. Thoughts swirling inside of Quee Lee’s heart were saying, God is helping me and my family with food; God helps people I know overcome addictions. He wanted better for himself, his wife, and two children. One Saturday afternoon, Quee Lee decided to abandon alcohol, gain reassurance of salvation, and start a better life. He is in his third week now and doing well. Please pray for Quee Lee.

Star, our assistant pastor, has many friends in Thailand on the border near Myanmar. Star lived on the border for several years. One of his friends, Lay Lay, called to tell Star how much he is enjoying our church’s online services. Lay Lay wanted to find out how to grow in the Lord more. Well, for starters, Star led him to the Lord for salvation. A short time later, seven more friends of Lay Lay received salvation that evening. Our online services have continued to reach and connect many. We are teaching discipleship lessons every week, as well as preaching three sermons a week. Most everyone has access to the teaching, and some listen multiple times during work or after work. We just won’t know how many blessings will come out of the restrictions until the restrictions are over.

Upon visiting many of our faithful families, Star had known of a friend of a friend living near our visiting location. The woman, Elizabeth, had a women’s dress shop directly on the main road. I don’t know how to describe it other than, it’s not the location you would think a women’s dress shop would thrive, but it seemed to be doing well. In any case, Elizabeth (age 38) and her daughter Rita (age 11), along with Alexandria (age 35) and her daughter Rose (age 7), were brought up Catholic. All four were very ready to be saved. After salvation, Elizabeth, immediately ran to the back of the shop. She wanted to give our church a good amount of money, a blessing of a visit with four more in Heaven someday!

Over the 13 years of serving in Thailand, lottery-ticket salespeople always seem to be out, everywhere. We’ve given a lot of tracts to these salespeople, but it’s not often that they get saved. Cheeyou was not one of those. She listened well and wanted to be saved. During the giving of the Gospel, a man came up to see which ticket numbers she was selling. He didn’t buy a ticket, but we gave him a Gospel tract and told him it was better than winning the lottery. He was off to work but seemed intent on reading the tract.

In addition to all of the people mentioned above and below, please pray for our Team Thailand land-development project. Thailand needs permanently owned and developed church and bible college property to serve the many future generations of Thailand. We, thankfully, have the land and a five-phase plan to develop and utilize this tool the Lord has given. If you would like to donate towards any or one of the phases, please contact me or our mission board of FBMI, giving under the category, Team Thailand Special Projects.

Grateful to serve,

Bro. Chad Inman & Family