Carolyn Tutton Prayer Letter:  TAN Takes a Leap Forward!TAN TAKES A GIANT LEAP FORWARD

Bro. Greg Ogle and his wife Robin have taken another missions trip into Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Philippines. Before leaving on their journey, they helped to assemble a portion of the 250,000 John and Romans for India. The container also containing 500,000 tracts will be sent this summer.

While in Cambodia, Bro Greg met with Pastor Sihok Soeurn and viewed his Bible institute using the Teaching All Nations curriculum, and met students who are in training to plant churches and win souls. Praise the Lord that Teaching All Nations has 200 students in 12 countries around the world.

While in Thailand, Robin became ill and was not able to continue their journey for a few weeks. Adam Ogle came to the rescue and has continued the rest of the scheduled journey. Adam says, “I’ve contacted so many wonderful pastors who want to use TAN to begin Bible institutes in their churches to train their young men to plant churches and win souls. I’m already planning to return and do a TEACHING ALL NATIONS conference in another city. Mom and Dad have been able to spend two weeks in Thailand and are really connecting with missionaries and national pastors and training them to use TAN.” Adam is now full-time with TAN. Praise the Lord! Watch TAN make GIGANTIC STRIDES in the months to come.


I don’t pass out 10 tracts a week, Monday through Saturday, anymore . . . I pass out 16 tracts! I could see the Day approaching and wanted to do MORE for the Lord. I could pass out 10 tracts easily each day; therefore, I wanted to do something a little more challenging. Now I pass out 16 tracts a day with the exception of Sunday. It takes a bit more time and effort; but I know that this is His will, and I am willing to do it.

Several weeks ago, I gave a tract to a gentleman who had just flown in from Pennsylvania to do a specialized job for a few weeks and then fly back. The Lord caused our paths to cross, and the Lord let me win Blaine to the Lord. He was so ready to receive Christ.

I have met so many Christians that tell me that they need to be doing what I am doing. I met a lady at Ross Discount Store the other day. As I handed her a tract and began telling her that the gift of God is eternal life, her eyes filled with tears, and she said, “I can’t believe this is happening, and you are talking to me like this!” She explained to me that she was from Russia, and missionaries had won her to the Lord. She had married an American army man in Russia; they now live in Pensacola, and she goes to a good Baptist church. She told me that she was so burdened to share the Gospel with others. She told the Lord on her knees that she wanted to tell others how to receive Christ but didn’t know how—then there I was!. She was so very thrilled. I have sent her the Phoster Club materials from FBC Hammond on how to win people to the Lord. All it takes is one person setting another person on fire.

How I thank each of you for your faithful, financial support every month. I thank you, too, for your prayers. I really feel your prayers and your great love that you have for the Lord and for the Great Commission. I love you all. God bless you as you make a BIG difference for our Saviour.


Carolyn Tutton
Hosea 4:6