We spend a lot of time on deputation talking. We talk about Nigeria: the people, the culture, and their openness to the Gospel. We talk about our ministry to Nigeria. We talk about how we hope to see multitudes of Nigerians saved and churches started across the country. If I’m being completely transparent, we can get a bit antsy and impatient to actually be there in Nigeria instead of just talking about it.

However, I had a conversation this month that reminded me of the importance of our deputation ministry. We were at a Missions Conference in Central Indiana. It was a great time with a church that has a great spirit and interest in worldwide evangelism.

On Sunday night of the conference, the last night, we were saying our goodbyes to the people when a couple we had gotten to know came up to me. We had a conversation that went a little something like this: “Thank you so much for coming. When you were talking about Nigeria, it really opened our eyes to the need to get the Gospel around the world. A lot of people have told us that we shouldn’t worry about the world because ‘charity starts at home.’ However, seeing your presentation on Nigeria made us see how important it is to make sure that we work to make sure they know the Gospel.”

When this couple told me what the Lord had used me to teach them, I was so excited! That is one of the main reasons why we missionaries go on deputation. The Great Commission is still valid, and we work to remind people of the importance of missions and help make it real for people. Please pray with us as we try to help people see the Great Commission and the world as God sees it.

We praise the Lord that several new churches have started supporting us this past month. We are praying that we will finish out the year at 50% support. We aren’t too far off that mark right now, but please pray that God would bring more people to partner with us in reaching Nigeria.

That all the world may know,

Caleb Christiansen