Caleb Christiansen Prayer Letter: Many Firsts in Our Lives!Many Firsts

Welcome to our first prayer letter! The Lord has provided us with many firsts recently. We were at our first Missions Conference in Howland, Maine, during the first week of October. The Lord blessed us, as we were able to share our burden for Nigeria and meet wonderful servants of God. We learned just a couple of months ago that we are expecting our first child! It is too soon to know the baby’s gender, but the predicted due date is May 3.

God’s Provision

With all of these firsts in our lives, there have been transitions and challenges, but the Lord has provided in ways that we could not predict. In making the transition to full-time deputation, there have been many expenses involved. The two rear tires on our car were due to be replaced, especially since we will soon be on the road a lot and winter is coming. One week before we were planning to replace these old tires, a family in our church decided to pay for four brand-new tires for us.

In buying other various supplies that we would need for deputation, the multiple items amounted to nearly $500. However, at our first Missions Conference, the love offering given by the church was . . . $500. While we were preparing to serve the Lord, He was already preparing to provide for us.

These are just two of many situations in which the Lord has blessed and provided us more than we asked for. I am astounded both by the generosity of God’s people in giving to us and by the goodness of God in providing for us more than we could ask or think. I am strengthened by the knowledge that this is just the beginning of God’s provision as we continue in our ministry to Nigeria.

That all the world may know,

Caleb Christiansen