Brian Hebert Prayer Letter:  Working in North CarolinaThank you for your continued support. God has surely directed our steps this month. We were able to present our work, schedule more meetings for the rest of this year and next, meet new pastors who will hopefully turn into future meetings, and serve the Lord by being a blessing to His pastors.

Our first opportunity to present our work happened in Roxboro, North Carolina, with Pastor Jack Hilliard of the Alleluia Baptist Church. It was our pleasure to couple this visit with a revival that Pastor Hilliard and other pastors in the Roxboro area were jointly putting on. We spent our first Saturday handing out flyers for the revival with a team of people from the local churches. Liz and I spent Sunday with Pastor Hilliard and his family, and then I presented our work and preached for him on Sunday night. We then attended part of the revival that followed the next week. This allowed us to meet new pastors from North Carolina and even a pastor from South Carolina. The preaching was very helpful to my family.

We also had the privilege to present our work at an exciting and growing work in Seven Springs, North Carolina, pastored by Bro. Jason Watford. Not only were Liz and I treated extremely well, but we were also encouraged by this exponentially growing work. Pastor Watford and the people of the Spring Creek Baptist Church make a dynamic team in this small town, and they are quickly outgrowing their little building due to the willingness of pastor and church member alike to rise up and build through faith by soul winning, visitation, and hard work. I pray that someday soon our ministry can be used of God to help people as this ministry has.

The rest of our month was spent scheduling further meetings and personally meeting other pastors in the local area. I am encouraged that some of these could turn into meetings in the future. We also rejoice that we have picked up more support this month. God is marching us on toward the goal of reaching Toronto one church at a time. All the while, we are learning and growing in faith that He will use us when we get there. Deputation is trying us and testing our limits, but we are confident that God will carry us through. Brethren, pray for us. We need more meetings for next year, more growth in grace, and more wisdom as we seek to do God’s will. Pray for us as we go on our longest stretch of meetings, which will keep us out for six months or longer.

His servant and yours,

Brian Hebert