Brian Hebert Prayer Letter: Warm Winter With Warmer WelcomesIt hardly seems real to be nearly one-quarter of the way through the year already. Time has truly flown by. As I read in the Psalms this morning, I came across some wonderfully encouraging words from the Lord. Psalm 96:10 says, “Say among the heathen that the LORD reigneth: the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved: he shall judge the people righteously.” What is a heathen? Is it a jungle man in Papua New Guinea with a bone in his nose, feathers woven in his hair, and paint on his face? Yes, it is, but not exclusively. Heathen, particularly in this verse, simply means Gentile people; i.e., those who don’t know and worship the true and living God. Are we going to reach heathens in Canada? The answer is yes, but these heathens wear business suits, drive modern vehicles, and pay bills like we do; yet they have as much emptiness in their hearts as Aboriginal peoples in jungles across the globe. We’re praying the Lord will quickly get us to Toronto so we may fulfill this verse’s mandate in saying to those lost people “. . . the LORD reigneth . . . .”

We spent three weeks in Louisiana at the prophet’s chamber of our sending church while we presented our work in the surrounding area. In February we were in Faith Baptist Church of Houma, Tabernacle Baptist Church of Simmesport, and Gonzales Baptist Temple. I’m also glad to report that I got to lead 2 souls to Christ while we were in Louisiana. Please pray for them and the many other Gospel tracts we handed out to people we weren’t able to engage in conversation about the Lord. We closed out this month’s meetings in Harrisonville, Missouri, at Grace Baptist Church. Their missions conference was so delightful and refreshing. We met a couple of people we knew, like Dr. Moore and the Inman family from the FBMI Thailand Team, but we also met the Diehl family to Panama and the Demastus family to Scotland. We made so many friends that week in the church, as well as among the other missionaries, that it was painful to leave them.

I’d like to praise God for answered prayer in our need for lodging in California. We have found two different places that will house us for all the time we’re out West this fall. We have a lot of meetings in California, but we need to fill every possible date, though, to make the best of our time out there. Will you pray we fill our calendar for the fall and winter this year and into the next? Another answer to prayer came this past month when a friend gave me Levels 1-5 of Rosetta Stone’s software for learning French. I’d been praying about learning a second language, but I wasn’t sure which one of Toronto’s 140 languages I should learn; I was also praying about how to pay for it. God answered both requests at once when He allowed us to get the French lesson for free! Lastly, and by far the greatest, pray for souls to be saved in our travels as we plant much seed. We’ve had some excellent meetings this winter, but we need God to put the need for Toronto on the hearts of people. Please pray for our support to increase.

Thanks to Calvary,

Brian Hebert