Brian Hebert Prayer Letter: Making PreparationsThank you so much for your prayers and financial support. You are a valuable part of this team. We’ve spent most of our time at home this past month either packing or sorting and weeding out unnecessary stuff. It’s kept us quite busy, packing our belongings for the upcoming move to Canada. I had no idea how much detail work would go into itemizing everything we own, or else we would have started sooner. (You can’t see me, but I’m smiling haggardly as I finished typing that sentence.) We’ve also begun working with an immigration consultant, who will help us through the visa application process. His help has been incalculable, as navigating the immigration process can be quite challenging if one doesn’t know how to do it properly. It’s vital that we get this visa application done correctly, as it can affect our future goal of permanent residency.

Our first meeting of the month was at Catawba Falls Baptist Church in Old Fort, North Carolina. It was a privilege meeting Pastor Phillip Wishon and the church congregation. I really appreciated their spirit and their heart for missions. Southern hospitality is a really special thing, and we felt it there for sure. Since we’ve gotten home to get things ready to move, we’ve kept our travels local, but about a month ago, I got a surprise offer to come back to Colorado for a Missions Month meeting at Grace Baptist Church of Colorado Springs. I finally got to go there this past month. For the first time in our deputation, I traveled alone to a meeting. I flew in on Friday evening, and then I was able to go out soul winning with the church’s visitation program. I had such a great time meeting some of the soul winners of the church. Their zeal for the Lord was contagious, to say the least. It certainly was a lonely weekend without Liz, but it was surely a great meeting. My host family and pretty much the entire church spoiled me while I was there. God gave us a great meeting that weekend. Liz and I spent the rest of the month dropping by other area churches to meet their pastors and enjoying some time serving in our local church’s soul-winning program. It’s been nice to feel a part of a local church again, but we realize that this is only temporary, which makes us long to finally realize our goal that we have traveled so long to reach. Our mission field is in sight. Please keep praying.

I’d like to ask you to pray for God’s will in a few things:

1. The visa application process (How long our visa is good for is determined by the immigration official when we meet with him.)
2. Continued increase of our support (We’re still a little shy of our goal.)
3. Wisdom in searching out a place to live in Canada

Pressing toward the mark,

Brian Hebert